​Easy Items To Flip in OSRS This 2021

With little time to market research, flipping items on the Grand Exchange can be a great way for those with busy lives. In this guide, we will cover some of these “easy” flips that still guarantee weekly profit and show you how they work!

The following list is made up of different ways to make more OSRS GP in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) without much effort by flipping in-demand OSRS items.

Best Items To Flip In OSRS This 2021

Prepare to make some GP on the side with these OSRS flipping tips. It’s no secret that flipping items can be a great way of making coins, but it does take time and patience – if you have little free time or are looking for ways to up your profit margins then this guide is just for you!


If you want to make it big in the Fletching game, then I recommend stocking up on steel and mithril darts while they’re at rock bottom prices. The bulk order should be for hundreds of thousands each time, but if you can resell them for 1 GP higher than their original price your business will take off overnight.

High Alch Items

If you want to make money from training in Magic, it is important that the items with higher profit margins are only bought when they correspondingly have lower buy limits and a low price. Items like dragonhide bodies or random rune weapons should always be available for purchase because of their consistently high alchemy value.

Cosmetic Items

If you’re trying to get rich quickly in the game, then it’s a good idea for you to invest in wealth-displaying OSRS items. Some people who play this game care more about their looks than gaining experience.

You should start experimenting with clothing stores and find out what they are selling high and quickly so that as soon as something is popular or becomes rare, you can invest your money into them.

A pirate bandana will also make shopping easier because people who want these goods may wear one of those colors more often than any other color when playing this game – which let’s face it: there aren’t many rules about fashion sense anymore since everyone wears whatever clothes they like anyways!

Cannon Balls

Cannonballs are the go-to artillery for slaying and bossing. Up until now, they have been a rare commodity that is only crafted by bots who charge an arm and leg to buy it from them because of all the work involved in making one.

But with Slayer tasks becoming more prevalent than ever before, people will stop at nothing to get their hands on these explosive rounds–and you can take advantage! There’s no need to be coy about your intentions or overcharge customers; just make sure not to spend too much money when buying cannonballs so that you still turn some kind of profit off each sale.


Don’t want to take your chances with some of the items that may take a while to sell or flip? Then you should consider flipping battle staves in Old School Runescape. They always sell within 7,600-7,900 gold depending on current market demand and can be bought from either the magic guild or by purchasing them one at a time.

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