10 greatest hikes to expertise the spring time (March-April) within the Himalayas in 2021

AThrough India, from mid-March to April, people aren’t really trekking. Parents are overwhelmed with child exams. Deadlines in offices are kind of in the air. Or trekkers just seem keen on the trekking rush in May / June.

Meanwhile, a wonderful trekking season passes between mid-March and April.

That worries me. I will tell you why.

Spring begins in mid-March

In mid-March, when winter begins to end its business, there is still snow. A carpet of fresh grass sprouts around these patches of snow. It makes meadows and clearings over 10,000 feet a joy. The lush grass with ankle-length flowers against the background of snow is a feast for the eyes. By shaking off the hardiness, new leaves sprout on trees and old leaves fall. Flowers bloom. The landscape is full of colors. Spring is in the air.

To see this magic you have to hike between mid-March and April.

In the spring the birds wake up from their hibernation. In the lower hills, colorful birds flirt here, there and everywhere. Birdsong ring through the woods. For those who love bird photography, this is the time of year for hiking.

If these weren’t enough, there is the magic of the rhododendrons.

For me, the Rhodes are reason enough to hike between mid-March and the end of April. What a sight they are! This season rhododendrons were in full bloom. It’s like the hills are on fire! When Rhodes bloom, they envelop trees. Sometimes it is difficult to see leaves through the flowers!

Lock of rhododendrons along the Deoriatal Chandrashila trail. Image by Yogesh Shinde

My favorite, of course, are the scarlet rhododendrons. Suddenly a scarlet blossom blooms in a Rhodes forest of pink! They aren’t very common so wandering ahead a little to see if there is a scarlet hide and seek playing around the turn is great!

The most common are the pink Rhodes. And they usually come one after the other. So you could walk half a kilometer under a pink shade. Some slopes have yellow and white between the pinks. Sunlight flirting through these flowers makes trekking a joy!

Rhododendrons in full bloom on the Deoriatal hike. Image by Yogesh Shinde

More practical, trekking in March and April is ideal for the crackling views of the summit.

Let me explain. Two months later, in May and June, when it is high season for trekking, there is a smoky haze over the mountains. Forest fires, smog, heat and dust, everything contributes. The distant view of the mountains is disappointing.

Worse, in May and June, when the sun warms the earth after 10 a.m., wisps of cloud float in. The big mountains that you have wanted to see since you started the hike are now almost hidden.

In March and April it is worth dying in the mountains. You get a clear blue sky stretching from horizon to horizon. The air is fresh – the view is breathtaking.

Goechala Trek - IndiahikesThe Kanchenjunga massif at dawn on the Goechala Trek. Image by Ashish Bhatt

I remember last year when I hiked to the top of Chandrashila Peak, I stood for a moment to see what I saw around me. There they were, right in front of me, like a fan of playing cards, the entire range of the eastern and western Gharwal Mountains of India. I saw the greatest mountain ranges in India from their sharpest side.

Another time I took a short walk to the top of Hatu Peak near Shimla. It was the second week of March. There, too, the expansive view of the summit took my breath away. This time I looked at the peaks of eastern Himachal. They were so sharp that I could check off nearly thirty or forty peaks on the horizon.

When you go to a tourist office and see a large landscape of mountain ranges, the photos are almost always taken in early winter or March / April.

In March and April, go hiking outside the rhododendrons to take in uninterrupted views of the mountain ranges. ”

Mt. Nanda Ghunti on the Brahmatal hike. Image by Vishwajeet Chavan

With the thoughts of spring flowers and snow-capped mountains lingering in your head, I’m sharing a list of the best hikes between mid-March and late April. Do one of the treks on this list and you will love it!

10 best Himalayan hikes from mid-March to April 2021

Click on the names of the walks for the dates, itinerary and costs.

1. Deoriatal-Chandrashila

The best rhododendron hike in our country. And damn it, it also has the best views of the mountains from the top. Can’t ask for more.

Click here to learn more about Deoriatal Chandrashila Hike.

2. Brahma Valley

Another path, blessed with beautiful rhodes forests. Kill it with the meadows above, beautiful Brahmatal Lake and breathtaking views of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti. This hike is a favorite of hikers.

Click here to learn more about Brahmatal Trek.

3. Sandakphu

Super crystal clear view of the sleeping Buddha (Mt. Kanchenjunga Range). And then you will also see 4 of the tallest mountains in the world (including Mount Everest). Not to forget the Indo-Nepal trekking experience. Yes, Rhodes too.

Click here to learn more about the Sandakphu Hike.

4. Goechala

The closest you can get to the Kanchenjunga massif without actually climbing it. It’s right under your nose. It is too the Hike for rhododendrons in the east.

Click here to learn more about the Goechala walking tour.

5. Quarry Pass

This is a hike that will drive everyone crazy with its breathtaking views of India’s highest mountain, Mt. Nanda Devi. It’s one of our most “complete” hikes with some of the best forests, campsites, ridge hikes, and mountain views.

Click here to learn more about the Kuari Pass.

6. Kedarkantha

Our most popular hike. All the goodness of a winter hike. The snow is still there, minus the boneless temperatures. Great campsites and an exciting climb to the summit. Again a very complete hike. Can’t ask for more.

Click here to learn more about the Kedarkantha Hike.

7. Dayara Bugyal

One of the best meadow hikes in our country with powder snow. The view of Mt. Bandarpoonch from the meadows can flatten anyone. Great hike for families.

Click here to learn more about the Dayara Bugyal Hike.

8. Pangarchulla

If you’re looking for a powerful, exhilarating summit climb that climbs up to 15,069 feet, the Pangarchulla Peak Trek in Spades has you covered. It’s a difficult hike with a small window when it’s accessible to hikers, that’s only in April. If you are fit and looking for an adrenaline rush, go for it.

Click here to learn more about the Pangarchulla trek.

9. Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Valley

The cultural favorite – at the start of the hike you will drive through old wooden villages that are still the same despite being centuries old. The stories and legends of these villages go back to mythology. Later on, the amazing changes in landscape every day can leave everyone breathless. And then Ruinsara Tal draws all kinds of expectations from under our feet. Are there such places in our country?

Click here to learn more about the Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Valley Hike.

10. Nag Tibba weekend hike

A hike close to Mussoorie but which has everything a great hike has to offer. Beautiful forests, also good Rhodes, great sunset views, all full in one weekend! You can even see snow here in early March.

So these are our best hikes from mid-March to April.

Click here to learn more about the Nag Tibba Weekend Trek.

Exclusive hikes for families:

In the same season we also have exclusive family tours to Kedarkantha and Dayara Bugyal. We organize the hike specifically for families with children to improve outdoor learning.

Here you will find dates and details on exclusive family tours.

Most groups already have registrations, but they are not yet full. It’s best to sign up now if you want the luxury of choosing the dates that suit you.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please drop us a comment below. One of us at Indiahikes will be in touch.

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