10 Hosiery That Do not Suck

Often while shopping on vacation, hosiery becomes a second-class gift, an obligatory piece of jewelry. We think this is the wrong approach. (Smaller gifts are often the most common!) Here’s our list of smart, fun, and useful gifts that fit in socks that hang over the fireplace and keep everyone happy on Christmas morning – and afterwards.

UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit ($ 10)

(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

This waterproof bag holds 12 matches, making it perfect for the backcountry skier or winter camper on your list. Once lit, they will burn for up to 15 seconds. This is useful for starting a fire in an emergency or under sub-optimal conditions.

Printworks Classic Dominos ($ 32)

dominoes-game-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

We all spend more time indoors these days, so games have taken on a new meaning. When you’re tired of playing cards, Scrabble, and Monopoly, pull out these gorgeous wooden dominoes to create hours of entertainment for the whole family. Practice your skills, then make your best impression of Ice Cube from this classic movie clip.

Field Notes National Parks Triple Pack ($ 13)

Field Notes Book Christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Keeping a diary often helps me in difficult times. Writing down your thoughts and feelings – both good and difficult – will make them easier to process. These notebooks are a great place to start because they’re small enough to take with you wherever you go and nice to just sit on your desk at home.

For Mi Everyday Gaiter ($ 35)

voormi-gaiter-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

This is my most used gear right now. Designed as an everyday COVID mask, it’s a high quality wool neck tube with ear loops to ensure it stays on top. When driving or between stops, it is comfortable around your neck. I’m also looking forward to using it as my main face cover for warmth and safety this ski season.

Huckberry Beanie ($ 28)

huckberry-beanie-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Made from an acrylic and wool blend, this hat is great for cold walks with the dog or even backcountry skiing, but it’s not too thick or warm for me to be able to wear to cozy at work from home to stay. Made in Japan and available in a variety of colors, it looks great on everyone and goes with almost any outfit.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Habanero Salt ($ 11)

jacobson-salt-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Jacobsen makes the best salt I’ve ever tried (it’s hard to use anything else once you’ve tried this brand), and this version gives a nice kick to a number of dishes. Sprinkle it on your eggs in the morning, put it on the edge of a cocktail in the afternoon, and eat it on your grilled chicken at dinner.

Urban farming grow your own Christmas tree ($ 25)

grow-tree-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Here is a gift that really passes on. Thanks to simple instructions, you will have a spruce sprout in a few months. After a year of growth indoors, it can be planted outdoors. You can then leave it forever or give it a handful of years and cut it off when you’re ready to celebrate Christmas around your own hand-grown tree.

Cool stuff room candle ($ 24)

space-candle-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Does the room really have a scent? Is that some kind of zen koan? Either way, it’s a cool and ambitious idea to try and package up how it might smell out there. Give this candle to the space lover in your family and they will be delighted to light it.

PhD Outdoor Ultralight Grateful Dead x Smartwool Print Crew Socks ($ 27)

smartwool-socks-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Fire on the Mountain, a short film directed by Chris Benchetler that features a soundtrack from the Grateful Dead, is by far my favorite ski film this season. It doesn’t try to impress us, it just celebrates what it means to be outside. Along with the film, Benchetler also helped develop a handful of Grateful Dead-inspired Smartwool products, including these lightweight socks that are perfect for lounging around the house or for quick hikes on the trail.

Oura Ring Health Tracker ($ 300)

oura-ring-christmas_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

This is an expensive gift, but one that the right recipient will truly love. As a ring, it’s less cumbersome than a watch and tracks everything from your workout to steps to sleep. I’m totally addicted now and I also like the way it looks. My suggestion: go for the Heritage version in black.

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