10 Very Best Things to Do in Shrewsbury, England – Hand Luggage Only

Nestled in the rolling Shropshire Hills and just a few miles from the Welsh border, the laid-back little town of Shrewsbury is a lovely place to visit. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway, especially with the best things to do in Shrewsbury spread all over the city.

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

I forgot exactly how many times I’ve visited Shrewsbury, but it’s easily thirty times in the last ten years! I love it, especially since it’s a cozy little town that, while seeming pretty sleepy, has tons of gems to discover.

In fact, Charles Darwin once called Shrewsbury home (as a child), and there are so many more nuggets of history to be seen on the streets and on the river, too.

To help you get the most of your time, I wanted to visit some of the places I love most in Shrewsbury.

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

Check out the best things to do in Shrewsbury below. Have fun visiting!

1.) Shrewsbury Castle

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

Witnessing raids, layoffs and invasions, Shrewsbury Castle has seen much turmoil over the centuries!

Fortunately, the castle doesn’t suffer from such problems these days and is a lovely little place to start exploring the region’s long history.

Surrounded by the River Severn, it was a fortress for many generations of the elite, with iconic historical figures frequenting the site during its long period of operation.

Now home to the Shropshire Regimental Museum, it is a great place to walk within its walls and see traces of its history.

You may also have the opportunity to climb Laura’s tower. From here you can enjoy sweeping views of Shrewsbury and the nearby countryside.

Got peckish? Head to La Lanterna for some of the best pasta in Shropshire! Their spaghetti and homemade tiramisu is everything.

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2.) The quarry (The Dingle)

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

Steps from Shrewsbury town center is The Quarry, a sprawling 29-acre park on the River Severn. On normal days, you can take a leisurely stroll on the sidewalks or have a picnic overlooking the river.

This is one of the best things to do in Shrewsbury, especially on a sunny day and in a place that I totally love. You see, although quite dainty, the garden comes alive in color with the blooming flowers in spring and summer. It is wonderful.

Oh, and if you’re visiting between May and August, be sure to check out what festivals are taking place. Some of the most popular events in the park include the Shrewsbury Regatta, Shrewsbury Food Festival, Let’s Rock Music Festival, and Shrewsbury Flower Show.

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3.) Shrewsbury Abbey

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Abbey was founded in the 19th century and has been a religious site since Anglo-Saxon times.

With medieval architecture and stunning stained glass, Shrewsbury Abbey is one of Shropshire’s most famous abbeys.

Don’t forget to take a look at the gardens too. You are beautiful.

4.) Marienkirche

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

If religious history is your thing, you should also visit St. Mary’s Church!

Often considered the largest church in Shrewsbury, it has soaring stone arches, colorful stained glass, and Victorian tiles that make it a breathtaking place to explore.

However, this whole epic is not just confirmed within the Church. In fact, the exterior of the church is dominated by the tallest tower in England, which has been the highlight of the Shrewsbury skyline for a full 500 years.

Getting hungry? Visit La Mer Rouge (across the Severn River) and enjoy the delicious fresh fish.

5.) Attingham Park

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

Spreading over 4,000 acres, Attingham Park is a place that once belonged to Noel Hill, a respected 18th century politician. Nowadays, however, it’s a National Trust property for all of us to enjoy and explore!

It’s simply one of the best things to do in Shrewsbury if you want to get away from the streets. Especially with its huge forest and wildlife park, which is only a 20-minute drive from town.

In addition, the mansion has an impressive interior that you cannot miss. There’s a lot to see, especially the circular boudoir, antique furniture, and iconic paintings that adorn the walls.

Outside, take a leisurely stroll along the walled garden and orchard before heading back to Shrewsbury.

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6.) Boating along the River Severn

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is surrounded by the River Severn and has many riverside walks and trails that are great for exploring. However, if you want some rest, hop aboard Sabrina, one of the city’s boats that cruise the water.

Departing from Victoria Quay and taking around 45 minutes to an hour to sail will take you to the English Bridge before sailing back to the Welsh Bridge on the other side of the city center.

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

Oh, and remember, the boat tour season usually runs between March and October.

7.) Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Best things to do in Shrewsbury Best things to do in Shrewsbury

If you’re wondering how the city of Shrewsbury came to be, stop by the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery to learn more.

Here, learn more than the city’s history through the ever-changing museum exhibits such as Shropshire’s geology and the importance of the River Severn. It’s a pretty epic place and the ever-changing art is absolutely unique.

Then stroll to Umai for delicious sashimi and sushi.

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8.) Severn Theater

The best things to do in Shrewsbury

The Severn Theater on Frankwell Quay is a relatively new addition to Shrewsbury, having opened in 2009.

It’s the kind of place that is perfect for the whole family, especially with all of the seasonal shows, theater, live music, and comedy performances.

It’s easily one of the best things to do in Shrewsbury. However, be sure to look at the schedules ahead of time.

9.) St. Chad’s Church

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

St. Chad’s Church has a long history in Shrewsbury and with Charles Darwin. You see, this is where he was baptized in 1809 and it’s worth a look.

With a distinctive round shape and high tower, St. Chad’s Church is hard to miss during your visit! At least in my opinion.

Best of all, it’s really easy to visit the church after a little peek at The Dingle as they are right next to each other. To be fair, nothing is that far away in Shrewsbury.

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10.) Wroxeter Roman City

Best things to do in Shrewsbury

Located 3 miles east of the town of Shrewsbury, the Roman city of Wroxeter is an amazing place that is incredible to visit for Roman history.

This excavated ruin was founded in AD 55 and was once one of the largest cities in Roman England, comparable in size to the famous Italian city of Pompeii.

Although much smaller these days, this well-preserved excavation is incredible to visit. You’ll see a replica townhouse, visit the museum, and discover the famous baths and walls that are thousands of years old.

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