11 least crowded treks to choose from during the second wave of Covid

At Indiahikes, we’ve found that hikers always flock to the most popular hikes, which makes popular hikes crowded and isolates the lesser-known or least crowded hikes.

At times like these when the second wave of Covid-19 is affecting the land (latest updates), and hikers want to stay away from the crowds. These remote hiking trails are a boon in disguise.

It’s good that there are at least a dozen trails – from easy to difficult – where you won’t see a crowd.

We have listed all of these trails below. As you go through the list, choose a hike that suits your fitness and experience.

Easier hikes (suitable for beginners)

These hikes are for you if you’ve never hiked before. They still require fitness. So make sure you have a good fitness routine for at least 30 days before hiking.

1. Bhrigu lake

Bhrigu Lake Trek Indiahikes

Our founders rediscovered this hike in 2017 and came back from the meadows stunned. “It’s coming near the meadows of Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal! ”Says Sandhya UC, our co-founder. Coming from her says a lot because I know about her love for Ali and Bedni Bugyal.

The meadows on this hike are something else – there are Grazing sheep Almost always and in summer you can see them against a beautiful blue sky. It’s perfect for pictures and a great hike for beginners.

2. Bea’s Kund

Beas Kund Trek Indiahikes

Lush grasslands thrive beneath the peaks of the three largest mountains around Manali. And in these meadows is the emerald green lake from which the river Beas rises. The contrasting sight of this calm body of water snuggled jaggedly between them Pir Panjal mountain top Reach adds to the beauty of this setting.

From Manali, while many hikers flock to Hampta Pass, not many are aware of the brilliant experience of trekking to Beas Kund. That is why it is one of the least crowded hikes in the Himalayas.

3. Ali bedni bugyal

Ali Bedni Bugyal Indiahikes

We have seen many meadows in our country (and outside of our country) but I tell you this – Ali and Bedni’s meadows are among the best of them. It’s hard to spot a mistake in these meadows.

Just before you get to the Ali meadows, the forest is on dense jungle of oaks. They are the densest in this part of Uttarakhand. You climb through a trail of crispy brown leaves, with sunlight streaming through the oaks at lovely angles.

4th Quarry pass

Quarry Pass Indiahikes

This hike falls on the famous Lord Curzon trackwhich makes it extremely historic. By the way, we haven’t seen any other hike that makes you so great isolated views of Nanda Devi mountain, India’s highest peak. You can see the entire southern slope of the mountain! The whole hike falls into the Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary.

5. Dayara bugyal

Dayara Bugyal Indiahikes

There are two particularly impressive things about this hike – the forests and the alpine meadows. The forests are largely unexplored. They are dense with sun rays. Then the meadows! Phew! These meadows are huge and lush! You look great Mountains like Bandarpooch at eye level. This least crowded hike is truly a visual treat.

6th Family tours to Kedarkantha from Gaichawan Gaon

Family Trek Kedarkantha Indiahikes

If you hike with your family, choose our exclusive family hikes over the regular hikes. We have a another way to the summit (by Gaichawan Gaon) to avoid all the crowds of Kedarkantha. The experience is also exclusive to families. You can read more about it here.

7th Teen migrates to Ali Bedni Bugyal

Teen Treks Ali Bedni Indiahikes

This is our summer camping trek program, exclusively for children between 12 and 16 years. It is specifically designed to learn skills for survival in the wilderness while developing greater self-esteem, the ability to communicate and work in teams, and to become more resilient. Read more about it here.

Slightly tougher hikes (suitable for beginners with extreme fit)

If you haven’t been on a hike before but have exercised regularly, can easily walk 10km in an hour, and are ready for some challenging sections of a hike, then this is the list for you.

8th. Phulara ridge

Phulara Ridge Indiahikes

This is a hike that is hidden from view. It starts in Sankri, the same base camp as the popular Kedarkantha. While Kedarkantha sees massive crowds, this hike continues to look silently. This makes it one of the least crowded hikes in India.

“It’s the most beautiful tightrope walk in India. When you stand on the Phulara Ridge, snow-capped mountains stretch out in front of you in a 270 degree arc. On the other side, rolling hills stretch to the horizon. Mountain slopes fall below you on both sides. This tightrope walk takes three hours, but every minute you feel like you’re on a summit, ”says Arjun Majumdar, our founder.

9. Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Valley

Har Ki Dun Indiahikes

The Har Ki Dun Trek with Ruinsara Valley is one of the best full treks we have ever seen. It has a great old culture, mountain views, Forests, meadows, meadows, rivers, streams and even an alpine lake. The hike isn’t difficult on the legs, which makes it just the right adventure for the summer.

Difficult hikes (only suitable for experienced, fit hikers)

For those who have high altitude trekking experience, have exercised regularly and are extremely fit, these two treks below offer thrills and adventure.

10. Kedar Valley

One of our tougher hikes, definitely not for beginners. It rises up to 16,000 feet to Lake Kedartal. they Walk near the great mountains of Mt. Thalaysagar and Mt. Bhrigupanth.

This hike is very adventurous. It is also a kind of endurance test as it has long days, difficult terrain and climbs to very high altitudes. If you want to avoid popular hikes like Rupin Pass and Gaumukh Tapovan and still experience the same adventure, choose this hike.

11. Pin Bhaba Pass

Pin Bhaba Indiahikes

This hike is a well-kept secret compared to its sister hike, the Pin Parvati Pass. Perhaps that’s why this made it onto the list of the least crowded hikes in the Himalayas.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek has that best forest paths, wonderful alpine meadows for camping at a river delta campsite, an exhilarating pass crossing at 16,250 feet. And you experience the breathtaking views of Spiti. Really, it’s a little too much to do a single hike!

Time in one of the monsoon months and this hike promises a lot of drama and satisfaction

Now you have a clear idea of ​​the least crowded trails. There are certainly other things that you need to consider before you set off:

Points to consider when planning your hike during the second wave of Covid:

  1. Read carefully the Covid guidelines of your state and the state you are traveling to.
  2. We strongly recommend that you obtain an RT-PCR negative certificate to confirm that you are not carrying the virus. This also makes your group feel safe.
  3. Upload your health and fitness certificate to your Indiahikes dashboard as instructed by your experience coordinator.

We hope this list has made it easier for you to choose a hike in the coming season. If you have any questions about choosing a trek, contact the Indiahikes FAQ Section or drop your question in the comment section below. Our team will answer your question as soon as possible.

Stay safe and have fun trekking!

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