12 highest seashores in Wales to go to – hand baggage solely

Wales is a stunning country, largely because it has one of my favorite coastlines in all of the UK. With towering cliffs, white sand coves and hidden coves, there are a bunch of the best beaches in Wales dotted all over the shore.

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In all fairness, it doesn’t matter whether you visit places in South Wales, head to Pembrokeshire or explore the wider West Wales, you’ll be spoiled for choice where to stop.

Rather than making your trip to Wales one insane getaway to every single beach, I wanted to share some gems that are well worth a look. This way you can prioritize which beaches to visit while also visiting some of the best places in Wales.

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Check out the best Wales beaches to visit below. Just don’t forget your swimming gear!

1.) Tresaith Beach

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Tresaith Beach is a little shy of Penbryn Beach (also mentioned in this article) and is a beautiful little bay that has a lot to offer.

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Located in the tiny village of Tresaith, with a seaside pub and holiday homes, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind for a few days on Tresaith Beach. Oh, and of course you’ll find the waterfall north of the beach – you can’t miss it!

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Getting hungry? Grab a bite to eat at the Ship Inn and watch the sun go down with a drop or two. It’s one of my favorite sunset spots in all of Wales.

2.) Cefn Sidan Beach

Best beaches in Wales (10)

At around 8 miles (8 miles), Cefn Sidan is not only one of the best beaches in Wales, but also one of the longest!

Located in Pembrey Country Park, Cefn Sidan is perfect for a brisk stroll along the coast. However, it’s totally breathtaking

Explore the scenic hiking and biking trails further inland to make the most of your visit to Cefn Sidan. If that’s not your thing, head across the bay and check out Dylan Thomas Writing Shed (where the famous Welsh poet once lived).

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3.) Rhossili Bay Beach

Best beaches in Wales (2)

Rhossili Bay Beach on the Gower Peninsula is beautiful and right in one of my favorite areas in Wales.

With rough, crashing waves and wild landscapes, Rhossili Beach isn’t for the casual swimmer (unless it’s really calm). Still, it’s incredible for surfers looking to test their skills.

Best beaches in Wales (7)

Be careful on your walk down the steep rocky path to the beach, it can get slippery in wet weather.

Do you feel spicy? Head east around the Gower Peninsula towards Mumbles – a beautiful little seaside spot just a bit from Swansea. You will find many small pubs, restaurants and cafes on the waterfront. Make your choice!

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4.) Beaches of Llangrannog and Penbryn

Best beaches in Wales (9)

About 11 km north of Cardigan are the beaches of Llangrannog and Penbryn sandy bays, which are worth a visit in the summer months!

Llangrannog has a tiny little seaside town with little shops, cafes, and places to spend a full day on the beach. It’s beautiful but can get quite crowded in the popular summer months.

16 best places to visit in Pembrokeshire (42)

If you want a little more space, head to nearby Penbryn Beach, which actually doesn’t have a village but makes up for a long stretch that is never too crowded.

16 best places to visit in Pembrokeshire (44)

Then, grab a Welsh cake and cup of coffee at the Plwmp Tart, just up the street. You can’t miss it and all of their goodies are homemade.

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5.) Rhosneigr Beach

Best beaches in Wales (8)

Rhosneigr Beach sits on the shores of Anglesey and is one of the best beaches in Wales that has actually won a number of awards (including the Green Coast Seaside Award).

The whole coast here is pretty popular with adrenaline-seeking kite surfers, windsurfers and surfers. Rhosneigr Beach is also ideal for relaxed beach vacationers who prefer to explore the coast and refresh themselves in the sea.

Then you can explore the Anglesey on the Anglesey Coastal Path, which is absolutely breathtaking. Perfect for walkers and hikers, this route features some of the island’s best spots along the coast.

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6.) Barafundle Bay Beach

Best beaches in Wales (14)

Barafundle Bay, an indented stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast, has often been voted one of the best beaches in Wales and in the whole of the UK!

Its magnificent sand dunes and shimmering clear water have even made it likened to the beaches of the Caribbean.

Best beaches in Wales (12)

You can totally see why on a calm summer day. However, most of the time it feels a lot stormier and a rum punch is often missing in hand! 😉

Now Barafundle Bay is not that easy to get to, so you can earn your time on the beach by walking half a mile from the nearest parking lot.

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Afterward, continue to the Green Bridge of Wales, a giant sea arch on top of a cliff that looks so dramatic. However, do not be alarmed if you drive past tank crossings. This is a military area.

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7.) Porthor Beach (Whistling Sands)

Best beaches in Wales (5)

Porthor Beach (in Gwynedd) is known in English as Whistling Sands and is famous for the squeaky noises the sand makes when you step on it. Yes, you heard that right – the sand is squeaking!

To be honest, there is more than just small noises as you walk in Porthor Beach. The whole area is breathtaking and you can even spot dolphins from the shore.

You can also park in the National Trust car park, which is about a 10-minute walk from the coast.

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8.) Pendine Sands

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Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire has been considered one of the best beaches in Wales for as long as I can remember!

The rectilinear beach, which has developed a reputation for car racing and is known as the site where Sir Malcolm Campbell set the world record for land racing speed, has been nicknamed the Sands of Speed. This continues to this day, although you won’t see any more car races these days.

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After a day at the beach, head to the beautiful ruins of Carew Castle. It’s only about a 25-minute drive from Pendine Sands and is well worth a look at sunset when the castle is bathed in orange tones.

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9.) Porthdinllaen Beach

Best beaches in Wales (15)

Porthdinllaen Beach is not far from Porthor Beach on the coast of Porthdinllaen. It stretches north into the Irish Sea and is beautiful and dotted with colorful beach houses that have been awarded one of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales – and for good reason.

The beautiful sandy beach and calm, blue water create a peaceful, secluded atmosphere. If you’re craving a quick drink without getting too far from the sand, check out the Ty Coch Inn, a local pub that is great for whistling.

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10.) Three cliffs and Pobbles Bay beaches

Best beaches in Wales (11)

Three Cliffs Bay is a beautiful spot on the Gower Peninsula coast that is too breathtaking to miss.

To get to the beach you have to move through the paths which can be a little rough in wetter weather. That being said, it’s worth it if for the beach – it’s just an icon!

Once you get to the shore, you will be greeted by breathtaking views of the salt marshes, soft sand and limestone cliffs that are just beautiful.

Also explore the historic 12th-century ruins of Pennard Castle on your walking tour.

11.) Tenby’s beaches

Best things to do in Tenby (3)

The historic fishing village of Tenby is one of my favorite towns in all of Wales!

Not only is it steeped in history, it’s also perfect for exploring the medieval city walls.

16 best places to visit in Pembrokeshire (29)

Home to a bustling harbor, Tenby is a great place to spend a long weekend.

With pastel colored houses lining the beach from the cliffs, it is absolutely breathtaking to visit.

16 best places to visit in Pembrokeshire (30)

But we mustn’t forget the beaches!

16 best places to visit in Pembrokeshire (28)

Once you get here be sure to head to Tenby’s North Beach and the much longer South Beach. They both hug Tenby themselves and are just stunning. You can’t miss it.

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12.) Marloes Sands

Best beaches in Wales (13)

Located in the heart of Pembrokeshire National Park, Marloes Sands is one of the best beaches in Wales to visit while exploring the West Wales coastline. The whole strip is just beautiful and worth a visit for a day at the beach!

Then you can take a hike along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or explore the nearby island of Skomer on one of the seasonal boat trips.

Just pack some snacks and water, there aren’t too many restaurants or cafes here.

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