2-for-1 cup: CamelBak MultiBev offers moisture and caffeine in a intelligent design

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Gearboxes like designs that offer several useful functions. The CamelBak MultiBev brings that ethos to drinkware with a sustainable jar that reduces clutter and offers multiple beverage options for life in the fast lane.

The MultiBev is an everyday water bottle that contains a travel mug for a second drink on the go. It also has great potential for day hiking and camping.

Stainless steel bottles are more environmentally conscious than single-use plastics. The addition of the companion travel mug eliminates another lavish mug from the local coffee shop, and it fits back under the water bottle to save space when it’s not in use.

If you carry water while running errands or commuting, and still often drink coffee or tea in a disposable cup at a coffee shop, this is well worth a look.

Take a look at the CamelBak MultiBev

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At its core, the CamelBak MultiBev is a convenient way to bring an accessory tray along with your usual water bottle. How it is used really depends on you.

On hiking days you can use the travel mug on the way to the starting point and then leave it in the car. This optimizes the bottle so that it fits more easily in a backpack bag. It also frees up a little space under the cap to stow a snack.

On hot summer expeditions, the travel mug can be used to refuel electrolytes during a break. When you’re done, you can put it back in the main bottle.

Around the campsite, the second cup works in the morning for coffee and in the evening for foam. When not in use, tuck it away with the water bottle so that there is less rattling on the construction site.

Really, the MultiBev has everyday functions in mind, especially for commuting.

Part of your routine

Here is a hypothetical day in life to see how a MultiBev fits into your drinking routine.

We recommend waking up and hydrating with a glass of water. We heard that this is really good for you.

While waiting for your coffee or tea to be ready, unscrew the travel mug from the bottom.

Then fill the main chamber of the bottle with water and secure it with the leak-proof pak cap. Put that in your pocket or purse.

Once your caffeine fix is ​​ready, pour it into the travel mug, roll off the silicone lid, and off you go.

At your workplace, you can rinse the travel mug and combine it with the normal water bottle. The silicone lid rolls up and fits into the pak cap.

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Design highlights

  • Double wall stainless steel vacuum construction to maintain the temperature for hours
  • The stainless steel interior and powder coating are dishwasher safe
  • The silicone base offers additional hold, especially on wet surfaces
  • Leak-proof Pak cap
  • BPA, BPS and BPF free.

(In) disposable

Carrying your own water can ensure that you are drinking enough daily to keep you from getting out of sight and out of your mind.

The MultiBev is not about drinking water from your own cup, although it is certainly an option. It’s a solution for people who often carry water bottles but still use different disposable cups.

By combining the cup as part of the bottle body, the companion travel cup is available when needed and doesn’t take up space if you don’t.

In addition, the bottle and mug are dishwasher-safe, which goes a long way towards ensuring that they don’t break. And the silicone base should keep it from sliding on surfaces and possibly protect it from some dents in the wild.

Take a look at the CamelBak MultiBev

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