2. Monolith disappears days after its look in Romania

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Unfortunately, this monolith was not the work of aliens but a “poor local welder”.

The week after the infamous “Mystery Monolith” was unceremoniously toppled and removed From the Utah desert, where it inexplicably appeared, another monolith appeared in Romania – and disappeared.

Although this time the event is a little less mystical.

“An unidentified person, apparently a poor on-site welder, did it … now there is just a small hole covered in rocky ground,” said local journalist Robert Iosub Reuters. Iosub noted that poor welding contributed to the quiet overnight disappearance of the structure that no one had immediately recognized for.

Much like the iconic trash that showed up on public land in Utah last month, this block of metal appeared in a protected archaeological area – near an old fort in Neamt County, Romania.

‘Leave no trace’

The European monolith seems to have been an imitator. At Utah officials announced their discovery of the structure in November, the puzzle attracted worldwide attention.

However, shortly after the news got out, people flocked to the remote location, which authorities had not officially released, fearing visitors might harm themselves or the environment. This prompted four men to demolish the memorial, call it “garbage” and phone Don’t leave any tracesAccording to travel photographer Ross Bernards.

Bernards uploaded photos from the takedown and a report on what happened on Instagram.

Still, no one has officially taken responsibility for either structure (including aliens).

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