2 weeks, 21 million steps: inov-Eight, COROS begins a promotional present with massive objectives

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Do you think you can take 21 million steps in 2 weeks? It’s impossible – unless we do it together. Inov-8 and COROS want to prove that: We are not alone in this.

Inov-8 and COROS teamed up at the start A worldwide giveaway for group work. The goal? Help track 21 million steps (as of 2021).

“The challenge is as a global team to collect 21 million steps through exercise, be it running, walking, hiking, exercising or anything else,” wrote inov-8.

But there is more. The bigger goal is to raise awareness of mental health issues and the benefits of exercise for mental health.

In June 2019 inov-8 started a similar campaign: a virtual circumnavigation of the world in one week. “We have brought together a team of more than 1,000 runners to complete a virtual 25,000 mile lap around the world,” said Michael Price, COO of inov-8.

But this time they are reinforcing it with a giveaway, and hopefully more runners will participate.

21 million steps: how it works

The 2-week giveaway slide and Step up and play your challenge role Include discount codes for attendees; a social exit; daily prizes like running, hiking, and fitness kits; GPS watches; and more. The challenge is open to everyone worldwide.

  • Go to the campaign page and register. All you need is an email. Then start the logging steps. Just use your watch, mobile phone, fitness tracker or step counter to count your steps Log them daily on the website.
  • You can also share your steps on social media by using the hashtags # inov8StepUp and #CorosStepUp. “Get creative and have fun with it,” suggests the campaign.
  • Finally, remember to “play your part”. Inov-8 and COROS are still in the middle of a pandemic and ask attendees to be careful how they initiate their steps. “This also includes responsible training. We ask everyone to strictly adhere to all government guidelines applicable to their region. When in doubt, stay there and explore the area you live in, ”wrote the brands.

That’s it. Run, ride, run, connect and share. Join the global giveaway team. To support one another. And enjoy being part of the journey of 21 million steps. It’s a huge goal, but an Inov-8 and COROS are confident they can achieve it if we all team up.

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