20 indicators the local weather disaster has come dwelling

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Global warming isn’t the only reason the west is on fire. The growing number of people in the forest has increased the likelihood of man-made ignitions, while more than a century of aggressive fire fighting has contributed to the severity of the fires. In addition, the uncontrolled development in fire-prone areas has resulted in greater loss of life and property.

However, it is impossible to deny the role a warming planet plays in today’s flames. “Something is happening to the world’s plumbing,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom.

You only have to go outside for a moment and feel the scorching heat, watch the dwindling streams and choke on the omnipresent smoke to know that something is getting out of hand climatically.

1. Lewistown, Montana (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and Klamath Falls, Oregon (65 degrees) set high temperature records for the month of February.

2. California had its driest February.

3. In April, parts of southern Arizona and California rose above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for several days in a row, breaking records.

See many more records like this …

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