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Two Ways The Not Get Lost This Summer

Apr 16

The Monterra is a 4 inch dual orientation GPS unit that boasts of 3D MapMerge for multiple maps in 3D, automatic geotagging, GLONASS, and an 8 megapixel autofocus camera. It is a combined effort of powerful mapping and the versatility of Android. It is durable and rugged making is easy to take anywhere you go. The 3D MapMerge feature enables you see rich textures such as lakes, hills, forests and valleys. It also enables you to combine 2 maps such as BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and TOPO for splendid route planning.

The built-in 8 megapixel autofocus digital camera enables you take geo-tagged photos that are vivid in nature. You are able to share the videos or photos via Garmin Adventures. The memory capacity of the Monterra is such that it boasts of internal memory in addition to a microSD card slot.

The unit comes with a dual battery system which ensures that you don’t run out of battery. You can either make use of the rechargeable battery that is included or the more traditional AA batteries. The built-in 3 axis electronic compass with gyro and accelerometer enables you get your bearings so you know where you are going. The Monterra also makes use of a high sensitivity GPS/ GLONASS to help you locate your position. In addition, there is a built-in UV sensor that notifies you of your exposure level to sunlight. This is an ideal feature to have since it ensures that you steer clear of sun damage, especially at higher elevations. Wireless sharing is possible with this unit. You are able to share your data, waypoints, maps, routes, tracks and geocaches with compatible devices. You can also share data and photos through the BaseCamp software. Millions of geocaches can be included in the Monterra in addition to a number of maps
The Garmin Oregon is easy to use, comes with improved software and hardware components and makes for easier navigation. The screen has undergone a great improvement when compared to other units, with an easy to use interface, complete with a graphic-driven menu.  Generally, the device is pretty easy to use. It comes with only two buttons, which two are located on the upper right side of the gadget. One of the buttons is a power button, which also triggers a display of brightness or lock screen window when pressed once while the unit is on. The second button triggers programmable one-touch shortcuts. You can also make use of lightweight gloves to touch the screen with no problem.
Three of the Oregon models, the “400” series do come preloaded with TOPO maps, 3D map view in addition to the barometer altimeter, which enhances GPS altitude calculations for better accuracy. Similar units are able to wirelessly exchange routes, waypoints, tracks and geochaches . They do come with a microSD card slot and come preloaded with detail maps.
Some of the “300” series do not have the ability to wirelessly exchange data, come with no preloaded detail maps and lack the barometric altimeter.
Customised profiles are possible especially on the 400 series models. This feature enables you preset modes such as fitness, geocaching, recreational, marine or automotive. With this in mind, the device can be utilised in a casual fitness program. Ultimately, the Oregon makes for exciting wilderness travels, outdoor recreation, geocaching and lightweight marine portable applications. The easy to use touch-screen interface with a wonderful menu system make interactions with the gadget ideal. Brightness of the screen can be adjusted by making use of the power key, followed by the “+” or “-“ button, this way you get your desired screen display.

With rugged designs, multiple battery and mounting options, the Garmin eTrex series are an ideal GPS unit to help with navigation.  There are dual-orientation screen layout options available which means that you can either utilise the unit horizontally or vertically.  There are two battery options available, the more traditional AA batteries or the built-in rechargeable battery.

In terms of memory capability the unit does come with a miscoSD card slot, which makes it convenient to add more maps to the gadget. It also does come with an internal storage capability of 3.5GB. It comes with a built-in 5-megapixel camera and a 3.5mm audio jack. It does make use of the Navigator spoken turn-by-turn feature that ensures that you keep your eyes on the road as you drive. When not utilising it as a car GPS unit, you can simply dismount it and take it with you on your hikes, hunt, mountain biking, fishing, and so much more.
The 4 inch widescreen display means that you get a clear view of the display and are able to easily control the unit. There is a 3-axis electronic compass available which makes it easy to find bearings whether you are standing or on the move.  It comes preloaded with thousands of maps. Geocaching fanatics will be glad to know that the unit does come with a number of tools which make this venture that much interesting. The camera that comes with the device makes for an interesting trip as you are able to take some pretty decent shots of the pad for side sleepers, and proceed to geotag the images if you so wish. The photos or images can be transferred to your computer and shared. On the downside though, especially if you wish to take it cycling or hunting, the Montana is a pretty bulky device to move around.