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All About Long-term Thailand Visa for Foreigners

Jul 11

If you are considering a long-term trip to Thailand, then it is essential to know about the requirements and qualifications for a one-year Thai visa. You can read about the qualifications and requirements for a one-year Thailand visa here. Then, learn about the re-entry permit required to obtain a one-year Thailand visa. There are many other things you should know, as well, such as the Thai visa requirements for retirees.


About the One-year Thai Visa

The One-year Thai Visa for foreigners is issued to visitors aged 50 and above. The visa is valid for one year and allows the applicant to stay in Thailand without working. To apply, an applicant must have a passport that is valid for at least six months, and the applicant must have no criminal record, including convictions from the country of their nationality. If the applicant is married to a Thai citizen, he or she can also apply for a visa under this category.

The One-year Thai Visa for foreigners is issued for several purposes, including business, study, religious work, and media. Applicants may be eligible for a business visa, the "B" visa, or both. There are also two categories for people who wish to live and work in Thailand without having to find work. The B-Visa is issued to those who want to engage in business, while the ED visa is granted to those who want to spend time with their families.


Thai Retirement Visa Qualifications & Requirements

To apply for a Thai retirement visa, you must first understand the qualifications and requirements for this type of visa. If you're planning to spend a significant amount of time in Thailand, you may qualify for a non-immigrant visa. It's essentially two five-year visas in one. It's only valid for passport holders from certain countries, and is designed for those who are 50 and above.

To qualify for a retirement visa in Thailand, you must be over 50 and have accumulated at least 800,000 baht in assets. You must have proof of residence in Thailand, such as a rental agreement or a utility bill bearing your name. Then, you must submit a complete application form and the required documents to the Royal Thai Embassy. If you meet these requirements, your application will be approved.


Re-entry Permit for Thai Retirement Visa

If you have a year-long Thai visa and are planning to go outside the country, a re-entry permit is a great relief. This permit will prevent you from having to apply for a new visa and paying the application fee. It is also an efficient way to visit Thailand frequently, without the hassle of obtaining a new visa every time you leave the country. Read on to learn more about this visa.

The retirement visa is valid for a period of one year, and you may extend it if you wish to travel to Thailand on a regular basis. You must notify the Immigration Office of any change in address every 90 days. You can do this by mail, personal visit, or through a Power of Attorney. Likewise, if you decide to leave Thailand for a longer period, you must notify the Immigration Office of your return.