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An Exterior Electrical Box: Benefits & How to Find It

Aug 3

Many people place electrical boxes outdoors. This is done to allow the fire department to quickly turn off the power from outside in an emergency. Continue reading to find out more.

An outdoor electrical box provides reliable connections between electrical equipment, power lines, and other devices. A good electrical box is essential for the safe and efficient operation of all your electrical appliances. You need a reliable and safe electrical solution for outdoor lighting, heating, cooling, and aquatic systems. An exterior electrical box is the best choice for these purposes. We can help you upgrade your electrical system to make it safer.

Below is a guide for those who already own an outside electrical panel box and can't find it on their property.


Most houses have one main electrical panel which controls how much electricity is entering the house. You only need to locate your exterior breaker box. It is also possible to label your exterior electrical box. This will help you save time.

The exterior electrical box will look like a grey metal box mounted on the wall. You can find the main electric panel in your basement, garage, laundry room, or outside of your home. If there are power lines above ground in your neighborhood, you can locate the exterior electrical box by looking for the main service head on the roof. This is where your power lines connect to the grid.

The service panel will be located under the service head on the exterior of your house. It won't be visible if you live in an older house. Look inside for a large metal panel door or box that opens to match your home's colors.

Call your local electrician to locate it. Oakland Electrician Group's experienced electricians will locate and test any outside electrical boxes in order to determine if it is safe and compliant with safety regulations.


Imagine that you just moved into a new home and find an exterior electrical box. You might be curious as to why the breaker is outside your home. In order to place breaker boxes outside your home, regulations have changed over the years.

The safety of outdoor electrical boxes is excellent. If the electrical boxes are placed outside, the fire department will be able to quickly turn off your main electrical supply in the event of a short-circuit or fire. An exterior electrical box will be required if your home was built in the last 15 years.

If you live in an older house, it is likely that your breaker is inside. The average age of homes is 44. Most houses need an electrical upgrade. This includes installing an exterior breaker box to ensure safety and compliance with the new regulations.

The most common problems with electrical boxes are:


  • It is easy to recognize because the panel looks messy with a lot of wires.
  • Double-tapped breakers can appear to be broken, which could lead to fire hazards or tripped breakers.

Insufficient capacity

  • Your breaker box could have insufficient capacity, which could lead to an additional fire hazard if your wall feels warm.
  • You are overloading the circuit by tripping breakers frequently.


  • Water damage is the main cause of rusting and corrosion on wires and the metal around the electrical box.

These issues can lead to electrocution or fire. An outside breaker box is installed to allow emergency personnel access to the power and turn it off in an emergency.

Check with your National Electrical Code to verify your state's regulations. They may vary from one state to the next. For assistance in repositioning your breaker box, you can ask the local building inspector or a professional electrician.


Safety is our number one priority. You don't want the rescue crew to continue searching for the breaker when you are in an emergency. A box with an exterior electrical outlet can help save time and possibly save your life. To ensure safety, proper energy consumption, prevention, and safety, hire a professional to inspect your electrical systems.

Electrical problems can quickly escalate, leaving you without power and even more serious situations. Oakland Electrician Group should be contacted immediately if you have any issues with your outside breaker box. Don't wait! Do it now!


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