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How to make moving more bearable

Aug 5

Moving house can be stressful and costly. For people with no previous experience in moving houses, it can be quite overwhelming.
A house move can become difficult if it is not done properly. First-time movers will likely get overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to do and be unsure how to accomplish them.

You should also know that if you are moving for the first time, you will need to put in extra effort to get it done the way you want.

Good news: The experience gained from your first move will make it easier to relocate the next time. It's your top priority that this move is easier for you and your family.

These are five practical tips to make it easier to move.

1. A moving checklist can provide guidance
One of the biggest problems, when you move out, is not knowing how to manage your time. Ineffective time management, which is wasting time wondering what you should do next, can lead to a host of problems that will make it difficult to control the situation.

As Moving Day approaches, the pressure to complete all tasks in time is only going to increase until it becomes unbearable. What's the best way to organize your time to keep moving stress at bay?

A moving checklist will make moving easier. It is a detailed list of prioritized and personalized moving tasks that will allow you to make the most out of the time before the move-out day.

2. Ask your friends for prompt assistance
Moving can be made easier by asking your friends for help. They could either help you pack or lift heavy items. Many of your friends will know how difficult it is to move houses so they may be willing to help you during this transitional time.

In most cases you will only require assistance with packing and lifting heavy items such as furniture. Once you realize you can't do it alone and you don't have the budget to hire professional labor to help you move, you will need to ask your friends for their assistance.

Good friends can also offer moral support and encouragement to make moving easier. It is a small gesture that you can make to show your appreciation for all their help during the move.

3. Only move what you really need
Before you begin packing your belongings in cardboard boxes, inventory and sort them first. This means that you will need to determine which items you will be taking with you when you move.

It is a common mistake to pack up all of your personal belongings and move them without first sorting them out. There are often things that have lost their value over time. Moving unwanted or unimportant items will increase the price of your move and force you to find enough storage space for them in your new home.

You can make your move easier by only moving the items you love and will use in the near future. Experts in moving to agree that an item that hasn't been used for more than a year is considered to be out of date.

4. Use a good packing strategy
You should be aware that packing is the most difficult and time-consuming task on your moving checklist. It is why it is so important to have a solid packing plan in place before you even pack the first box.

These are some important packing principles to keep your packing durable.

Start packing your house as soon as possible. Double the amount of time that you estimate you will need to pack your belongings, even if you are confident about your packing skills.
Start packing the most difficult to pack. These are generally storage areas (basement or garage, attic, closets), spare bedrooms, and the kitchen.
You can prepare all your packing supplies ahead of time so you don't have unexpected interruptions later, which will slow down the packing process.

5. Hire full-service movers
Hiring reputable, full-service movers is the best way to make moving simple. Full-service movers will handle all aspects of your move and offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Hiring full-service movers are the best way to move across the country. The whole experience of house moving sounds amazing, but you will soon realize that the additional services like packing, furniture disassembly, and temporary storage (if necessary), unpacking and furniture disassembly will increase the cost of moving.


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