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How to Care for a Gravel Driveway

Aug 16

A gravel driveway is like any other sound. Laying a crushed stone driveway yourself is a thrilling, low-cost hobby that allows you to express yourself. A crushed CT stone and gravel driveway is possible to design by anyone, even if they have no previous landscaping knowledge. Make sure your new driveway is beautiful by following these tips and tricks for a beautiful driveway.


What exactly is a gravel driveway? And how does it differ from a regular driveway?

It's simple to see how a driveway made of gravel can greatly enhance the appearance of your home's exterior.


With various colors and shaped decorative stones, you can simply customize the appearance of your brand-new gravel driveway.


It is a great material for enhancing walkways, patios, and rockeries, in addition to landscaping and decorative edging. Gravel driveways remain popular despite this.


Benefits of a Gravel Driveway


  • Design Flexibility - You have many options regarding the color, shape, and size of your driveway gravel. Therefore, you can be as imaginative as you like.

  • They are also easier to maintain because they don't require being mowed, pruned, or watered.

  • It is less expensive and simpler to maintain than alternatives such as asphalt, tarmac, or grass.

  • Gravel's superior ability to disperse rain means that your new driveway will be clear of puddles.

  • The gravel's crunch sound as you walk on is a signal to you of the presence of onlookers because it is a loose aggregate.

  • Gravel driveways are an easy DIY project that even the most experienced DIYer can finish.


How do you keep a driveway made of gravel?


Items Necessary


  • To create a striking appearance, use the best decorative stone gravel.

  • For a sturdy foundation, you can use MOT Type 1 leveling material.

  • The Driveway Fabric Weed Prevention Membrane gives drainage for water and weed resistance.

  • You can add decorative boulders to your driveway (optional).


Step 1: Select the gravel you want to utilize.


The choice of gravel chipping is the first step toward building a stunning new driveway. Stone and gravel products are extremely adaptable and can be used for any type of road structure regardless of design or age. Consider the overall scheme of your home when choosing a gravel color before making a final choice. There are many options for the colors of gravel and stone as well as textures depending on where you reside, whether in areas of rurality or in large cities. A striking contrast to brickwork with darker colors, our 20mm Cotswold Buff Gravel 20mm is an ideal choice for driveways. Gravels with an angular shape are very beneficial because they naturally interlock and maintain the strength of the gravel layer. Our famous 20mm Polar White Marble is an appropriate choice for a modern design, highlighting trees and plants nicely for a light, brighter touch. As an alternative, we offer Green Granite Gravel 20mm is stylish, eye-catching, and works perfectly to paver driveways in urban and rural environments. Dove Grey Limestone, 14-20mm, is the most popular option for driveways and is among our most popular products of quality. Don't let us decide for you. Various options are available CT stone and gravel. So prepare to have fun picking the best shade and design to complement your walkway.


Step 2: Measure your driveway


Determine your driveway after having settled on the color scheme for your gravel driveway. This method can help determine how much gravel you'll require to complete your project. We've created a convenient gravel calculator that will eliminate the uncertainty of the equation. A bulk bag of gravel can cover about 5 square meters at 50 millimeters in depth (not including the sub-base).


Step 3: Choose the gravel driveway edging.


The design of the gravel driveway borders is a crucial element of the process. They enhance the surface's appearance and add visual interest.


Block borders that are solid look fantastic, but they also keep gravel from accumulating on your driveway.


Large rocks and rockery stones could be utilized as natural edging for gravel driveways. They are beautiful when used as a buffer between the gravel and the remaining grass or planting areas.


The edging on your driveway made of gravel should be tall enough to keep the edging of gravel from spilling all around your driveway.


Step 4: The construction of the gravel driveway starts with the preparation of the ground.


The first step to installing driveways is preparation. It is possible that turf, debris, and/or topsoil could require removal. After that, you must dig between 50 and 200 millimeters below the surface. You'll need to leave at least 50 millimeters of gravel and 150 millimeters of sub-base for the base. It is important to ensure that the foundation of your driveway is level and well-compressed. Digging out and reinstalling MOT Type 1 may be necessary for softer regions. To compact the base layer on large walkways, a roller may be necessary.


Step 5: The gravel driveway sub-base is laid


MOT Type 1 should be applied to your gravel driveway base.


MOT Type 1 aggregate can be used to fill large areas and improve your driveway's stability. There are various sizes of aggregates, ranging from fine dust to 40mm. Remember that your ornamental CT stones or gravel will go between the subbase and the surface. You should leave at least 50mm.


Step 6 The Weed Prevention Membrane must be applied at this stage.


To stop weeds from growing and let water drain through your gravel, we highly recommend using a Weed Prevention Membrane. Place the sheet on the top of the MOT that has been compacted Type 1 and cut it in the correct shape.


Step 7: Spread the ornamental gravel over the surface.


After all that work and effort, we've finally gotten to the top of our journey!


Shovel your preferred gravel onto the Weed Prevention Membrane that is laid out. The gravel layer should be at least 50 millimeters (5cm) deep and evenly dispersed. To ensure that the gravel is evenly distributed over the surface, you must rake it.

How to keep a gravel driveway clear and free of weeds


Keeping your gravel driveway clean and beautiful is simple and requires little effort. Here are some suggestions to ensure your driveway looks amazing throughout the year.


Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris every so often from your gravel driveway, especially in autumn. If you have gravel that's been compacted, this is a fantastic method to remove the gravel.


They can grow even in the presence of a preventive weed barrier if seeds that are blown into the air sprout. These can be removed by hand using gardening gloves. Spray glyphosate-containing weed killer (or herbicide) on the affected areas.


The driveway's gravel can become brittle with time, leaving barren patches. Fortunately, this could be remedied by simply adding more gravel to the affected areas.


To make sure you're getting CT stone and gravel you use to top up your driveway like the stones used in the beginning, it's a good idea to order an extra bag or two of gravel when making your purchase.


We at Willow Materials are dedicated to providing the best quality stone and gravel products for our Connecticut customers. No matter what your next project might be We have the CTDOT-approved materials at affordable prices. We offer everything from topsoil to sand to decorative stones and gravels. Due to our many years of experience and being certified by CTDOT, you can be confident that our products will meet all of the specifications needed. So if you're looking for the finest products for gravel and stone in the state, take a look! Request a quote today by calling us!

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