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How to choose the best lawn mower?

Oct 27

It's the perfect time to ensure your lawn is in shape as the warm temperatures begin to arrive so that you can take pleasure in a neat yard this summer. It can be an arduous job. However, there are mowers that can make it simple by offering convenient features. What features should you look for? When summer is nearing, it's best to get your lawn ready so that you can bask in the sunshine and relax in a well-tended lawn. The lawn needs to be kept clean. A physical task, but there are models with handy features that can help make the heavy lifting easier of mowing. You can read on to find out what lawnmowers in CT features to keep an eye out for. You can also browse our lawn mower reviews to look at the mowers we've tried.


What is the best push mower available today?

1. Self-propelled lawn mowers

Heavy lawn mowers like ones made of petrol are harder to maintain. Self-propel features take the effort from moving your mower. The larger wheels and frames can be helpful. Be sure to verify the specifications of a self-propel mower before buying, as many of the features for self-propel are straightforward and can move the mower along at a speed that isn't suitable for you. If you're best off setting your own pace, then look for a mower that has an adjustable self-propel feature. These mowers can be adjusted to a variety of speeds, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. You'll be an able to walk at an easy pace without having to push. DLTC Equipment is a trusted dealer of power equipment CT company. Review our evaluations of self-propelled lawnmowers in order to learn the models we suggest.


2. Types and materials

The overall weight of your lawn mower can be a major factor in how much effort it requires to lift and push it the mower, which is why it's crucial to know what it's made of if you want one which doesn't need a lot of strength. The general rule is that the more metal there is, the heavier the mower will be, so gasoline mowers are typically the heaviest due to their large metal engines. Mowers that work best for large lawns tend to be heavier due to having larger frames and more cutting blades than mowers that are suited for smaller lawns.


Lawn mower types by weight


Anyone looking for light lawn mowers in CT should consider using electric or cordless ones. The problem is that electric mowers have cables that drag behind them, which can be both a nuisance and a safety hazard. To get the best mix of ease of use and mobility that is lightweight, it is best to select a cordless mower. They tend to be less heavy than petrol because they use fewer metal parts. But they don't contain cables. Make sure you buy from a reliable power equipment company dealer with good battery life to avoid another set of problems. We've tested electric mowers that last for less than 10 minutes before the battery goes out.


3. Features for easy-starting

Another major concern among those who own a petrol lawn mower is the effort it takes to pull the cord to get it started. Simply choosing a cordless or electric one might seem a simple fix, but there are alternatives for those who do not wish to compromise on the potential of gasoline. Certain petrol mowers include hooks on their pull-cord handles, so the cord can be reached and pulled from a standing position at the handles instead of having you bend down and pull the cord from the engine. Other petrol mowers don't work using pull cords and instead use push-button starts like their cordless and electric counterparts. Examples of push-button petrol mowers include the Cobra MX515SPBI or the Cobra MX484SPCE.


4. Handles for transport

Just one person can use the majority of top lawnmowers. Some mowers need two people to carry them. Lawnmowers can be difficult to transport due to their uneven weight distribution. Check the handles on any mowers you're contemplating buying. A properly designed handle will give you a comfortable and stable position to carry your mower. Don't lift the mower by using the handlebars, as this can result in uneven weight distribution , and might not be strong enough to support the entire weight the mower has. In lifting, you should avoid touching the underside of your mower's blade.


5. Mulching

The occasional emptying of the grass collection is another physically demanding part of lawn mowing. Returning the compost bin to empty the collectors might be a challenge once they're full. Consider using a lawn mower equipped with a mulching feature, a setting that cuts grass in fine pieces and spreads it in your lawn instead of collecting it. This means you don't have to empty the grass collector, avoiding a gradual increase in weight as the collector fills, and it allows you to remove the collector entirely. Mulching is an option intended for lawn maintenance instead of a lawn'makeover since dumping too many grass clippings on the lawn could cause the lawn to become unhealthy and degrade. Read our lawn treatment guides to learn how to keep your lawn in good health.


If you are looking for lawn mowers to buy in CT, you should choose one compatible with the work you'll need to accomplish in your yard. The engine size of a walk-behind mower generally ranges from 140 to around 190 cubic centimeters. The engine size should be chosen to perform tasks such as cutting through grass that is thick and wet stolons, leaf mulching and bagging, among other things.


There are numerous engine options available. They include side valve engines, overhead valve engines as well as overhead valve engines. An overhead-valve engine is generally quieter and uses less fuel than one that is reciprocating; however, it's expensive.


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