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Getting a US K-1 Visa for My Thai Girlfriend

Oct 29

If you're interested in moving to the United States to be with your Thai girlfriend, then you'll need to get a US K-1 visa. While this visa is non-immigrant, it will still be processed as an immigrant. Hence, when you schedule your online interview, be sure to select the immigrant visa option.

What is a K-1 Visa?

A US K-1 visa is issued to a foreign national who wishes to marry a Thai citizen. This visa is usually valid for 6 months, but the applicant must get married within 90 days. Once the 90 days have elapsed, the fiancee will have to leave the U.S., thereby ending the visa. Applicants who wish to marry a Thai citizen must go through the US Embassy in Bangkok to apply for the visa.

To apply for the K-1 visa, the foreign fiance must be engaged. The marriage must be legally recognized and both parties must have met within two years of the application. In some cases, the Department of Homeland Security can make an exception for certain cultures, such as those that do not allow parties to meet before marriage.

K1 Visa Financial Requirements

There are certain K1 visa financial requirements to meet before you can bring your Thai girlfriend to the United States. If you are planning to marry a Thai citizen, you must first be single and divorce-free before applying for the K1 visa. This also includes obtaining the original divorce decree if you have one. Also, it is imperative that you have no communicable diseases and that you are legally free to marry.

Your K1 visa financial requirements should be in line with your income. If you are married, you may need to have a secondary source of income. Having relatives can help you meet your K1 visa financial requirements. However, the relative must be willing to sign on as a sponsor. The relative must be able to make the necessary financial commitments to support the sponsored fiancee. It is important to note that if the relationship ends, you are still responsible for supporting your fiancee.

US K1 Visa Process in Bangkok

If you are an American citizen and wish to marry a Thai girl living in Bangkok, you will need to follow the US K-1 Visa Process. The US Embassy in Bangkok will process your K-1 visa petition and certify that you have a valid reason for marrying your Thai girlfriend. You must make sure that your petition is complete and contains all the required documentation. Once you have completed all the requirements, you will need to visit the Embassy in Bangkok to complete the interview process.

Once you are married, you will need to submit an Adjustment of Status application to the US immigration service. This application is the first step towards obtaining a US Green Card and eventually permanent residence in the United States. It is important that you do not have any criminal convictions as they can hinder your application.