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US Visas For My Thai Girlfriend Or Thai Wife

Nov 13

There are several types of US Visas that you can obtain for your girlfriend or wife in Thailand. The K-1 visa, CR-1 visa, and tourist visa are just a few of them. Each has its own unique requirements vary from case to case.

US K-1 Visa

There are several ways to bring your Thai girlfriend or wife to the US. The US K-1 visa is the most common type, but there are others, too. There are different requirements and processing times for each type. If your girlfriend is a stepchild of US citizens, she will need to apply for a K-2 visa instead.

One option is to marry a U.S. citizen. However, you need to be prepared to get married in the US. You can spend a while in the US before tying the knot. Otherwise, the process will take more than a year and a half.

Once the US Embassy in Thailand approves your petition, your Thai fiancee must attend an interview at the embassy. Once the embassy has received the proper documentation, they will issue the visa. Your Thai fiancee's passport will be held by the consular officer until the interview.

US CR-1 Visa

If you're married to a Thai national, there are a number of different options for you to achieve a US CR-1 Visa for my Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. The details are listed on each page, and you can decide which one is the best option for you. You should know that the CR1 visa is very different from the K3 visa. You must wait at least 2 years to remove the conditions and 10 years to get your permanent resident card.

The US immigration authorities assume that visitors to the country have a serious intention to immigrate or settle permanently. That's why it's important to prove that your girlfriend has a solid reason for visiting the US. The more proof you can provide, the better. Make sure to gather all the necessary evidence and be prepared for the interview. Siam Legal can help you prepare and file for the appropriate visa.

US Tourist Visa

There are several ways to obtain a US Tourist Visa for a Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife. You can use a K3 or a K4 visa, depending on whether you are married to a Thai citizen or not. In either case, you need to show that your relationship is not based on the financial benefits that will be gained by the US citizen.

To obtain a US tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend or wife, you will need to show sufficient reasons for her to visit the US. This includes proof that your girlfriend will return to Thailand at the end of the trip. You should gather the necessary evidence ahead of time. Siam Legal can help you with your application.

A US Tourist Visa for a Thai Girlfriend or Thai Wife is a valid visa for both partners. If you are married for less than two years, you can apply for a CR1 visa, which is valid for two years. It will also grant you a social security card. It is important to note that if your Thai partner is a citizen of Thailand, you must apply for a K-2 visa to bring your stepchildren.