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What are the available long term Thai visas for me?

Feb 21

There are a few different options to extend your stay in Thailand. You can get a student visa, a long-term resident visa or a retirement visa.

You can also purchase a visa on arrival and extend your visit for an extra 30 days if you have the money. This is a cheaper and easier option than the other options.

Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite is a special visa designed to attract affluent visitors, businessmen, and expats to stay in Thailand long-term. The program was introduced in 2003 to help affluent travelers and expats avoid the hassles that come with getting a regular tourist visa.

The Thailand Elite Visa is a multiple-entry visa that lets you travel in and out as frequently as you like without having to do border runs. As a member, you can also enjoy other benefits, including airport transfers and hotel stays.

There are several options for Thai Elite memberships, ranging from five years to twenty years. Each membership comes with different perks and privileges, so it’s important to choose the one that works best for you.

The Thailand Elite Visa is ideal for frequent travelers who don’t mind paying a bit more for the privileges of staying in Thailand longer. It’s also a great choice for those who want to live in Thailand with their family members.

Thailand Long Term Resident Visa

The Thai Long Term Resident Visa is a 10-year renewable visa and offers a range of tax and non-tax benefits. It is designed to attract high potential foreigners, technologies and talents who will stimulate economic growth through innovation and investment.

This visa scheme is set to help Thailand boost its economy in the post-pandemic period by attracting new 'high-potential' residents and their families, with the government aiming to bring in one million eligible foreigners over the next five years. It offers a range of privileges to four distinct categories: wealthy global citizens, rich pensioners, work-from-Thailand professionals and highly skilled professionals.

The LTR visa entails a number of unique benefits, including a personal income tax rate capped at 17 per cent instead of 35 per cent, and 'Fast Track' services at international airports. It also exempts visa holders from the 'four Thais-to-one foreigner' employment ratio, as well as providing a digital work permit which allows them to work legally in Thailand without having to pay income tax to Bangkok.

Thai Retirement Visa

If you have been in Thailand for an extended period of time, and you are now ready to retire, you will need to apply for a Thai Retirement Visa. This visa can be issued to foreigners who are at least 50 years old and who have a valid non-immigrant O-A or O-X visa.

Those on the O-A visa are required to report to immigration every 90 days, while those on an O-X visa must only do so once a year. They also must secure a re-entry permit if they wish to leave the country for any reason.

This visa is only available to those who are not in the workforce, and it allows them to live in Thailand for up to one year. It is also renewable every year, and the renewal process can be done inside Thailand.

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