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How to Create an Amazing Garden on a Budget

Feb 26

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Plan your garden before you start buying plants and materials

Planning is essential when creating a beautiful garden on a budget. Knowing what plants you want, where to place them and how much space they need will help you make the most of your money. Consider the type of environment you have in terms of light, water availability, soil quality and wind exposure so that the plants you choose are suited to the conditions.

The plan is the basic formula in any landscape design, it is especially important in a budget garden design. This allows you to map out where the hardscaping and plants will go, what type of maintenance they require, and how much it will cost.

Failure to formulate a clear plan could mean costly mistakes and wasted money.

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Buy perennials instead of annuals - they'll come back year after year

Perennials are plants that come back year after year, unlike annuals which have to be replanted every season. Perennials are usually cheaper than their annual counterparts and can give you a beautiful garden for years to come.

When it comes to plants, shop around. Garden centres aren't the only place where you can buy your plants. Consider buying native plants from roadside nurseries, or even trees and shrubs from farmers' markets.

Choose the right plants for your climate - This is particularly important if you're planting a garden in a different climate to what you are used to. Local garden centres will be able to give you advice on which plants thrive best in your region.

Use recycled materials whenever possible, like old tires for a flower bed or crates for a herb garden.

Creativity can be key - what may seem like a useless item can be transformed into something beautiful. For example, an old rustic birdcage could become the home for a succulent garden.

Crates can be used to plant herbs or to make a vertical garden. Old tires can be filled with soil, used as flower beds, or painted and repurposed for décor.

Creativity is limitless; look around your home and see what can be repurposed.

Grow your own produce to save money on groceries

Backyard gardens can also be used to grow your own fruits and vegetables. It's easier than you think when you start small, with herbs like basil, chives, and parsley. Produce grown in the backyard can be much fresher than what is available in stores and tends to last longer.

Plant trees and shrubs to provide shade and privacy

In landscaping, shade and privacy can be created with trees and shrubs. Trees are particularly helpful for providing shade in the summer and privacy from neighbours throughout the year. Trees can also help reduce noise pollution, provide oxygen, and attract wildlife to your garden.


Why choose us for your garden needs?

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