3 Unorthodox Adventurers: Meet the Stars of Solomon’s “Her Way”

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Salomon celebrates and elevates three women outdoors in his new film – a hiker, a trail runner and a firefighter in the wilderness.

Solomon’s “Her Way” film celebrates three women who have chosen to ignore stereotypes as they grow to learn, love, and explore nature. The movie release complies with Salomon’s WMN campaign expansionintroducing new running and outdoor shoes (hello Women’s Sense Ride 4), Clothing and packaging in women-specific designs.

The 11 minute film follows a member of South Africa’s first all-female firefighting team; a Chinese born civil engineer and Trail runners in New Zealand; and a delivery sister, mother of four and an enthusiastic hiker in Utah.

Get to know the women


Vuyiseka Arendse was born in the small town of Beaufort West in South Africa and began volunteering as a firefighter as a teenager. The 26 year old single mother and family works as a member of the NCC in Cape Town Juliet crew, the first all-female firefighting team in South Africa to fight forest fires in the Western Cape region.

Born in China Nancy Jiang moved her family from Ma’an Shan, China to Auckland, New Zealand when she was 5 years old. She studied civil engineering and is the only female engineer in her company today. Jiang found her love for trail running in the mountains above Queenstown, even though she was told as a child that “Chinese don’t run”.

Melody Forsyth is a mother of four, a nurse and an outdoor adventurer. In 2015, she gave birth to their daughter Ruby, who was born with Down syndrome. Although it “sometimes attracts looks” because it may not fit the stereotype of a hiker, the outdoors has served as a haven for Forsyth and her family. (You are currently on a mission to visit every U.S. national park.)

Fell + Co. produced this Movie, created by a predominantly female crew with nine women contributing. This includes two directors, Caroline Brouckaert and Kirsten Gerber, the composer Clare Vandeleur and the singer Danielle Bakkes.

Salomon said it “recognizes that ‘Her Way’ does not involve representing every deserving community, but is honored to share the stories of Vuyiseka Arendse, Nancy Jiang and Melody Buck Forsyth, and looks forward to hearing the voices of all communities to further strengthen in the community. ” Future.”

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