30-year trail record falls: Damian Hall runs across England in record time

Photo credit: Leo Francis / inov-8.

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The last record for the Wainwright Coast to Coast Trail was set in 1991.

Just in: British runner Damian Hall broke the total record of 185 miles from coast to coast from Wainwright. The Wainwrights is an area of ​​walking trails and peaks in Great Britain. And its coast-to-coast route is a system of routes that traverse the breadth of England. 45 year old Inov-8 athlete Damian Hall a time of 39 hours and 18 minutes on the track.

But more remarkable than running 185 miles for the time is that that record has not been hit in 30 years. Hall’s new record beats 18 minutes before the previous record set by Ultra Runner Mike Hartley Hall followed the same paths as Hartley, running west to east.

He battled sleep deprivation, extremely swampy conditions under his feet and extremely wet weather on the second day, ”inov-8 told GearJunkie.

The runners’ hall also fell last year Specify a supported record on England’s 268 mile Pennine Way Trail.

Damian Hall on the inclusion of the Wainwrights

“I hiked it in 2007,” Hall said in one Interview with inov-8. “From coast to coast it takes most people 12 days or more, so I was pretty happy to get it done in 10. I didn’t know then, but in 1991 someone named Mike Hartley ran it in 39 hours and 36 minutes, beating time by eight and a half days. “

So Hall has had this record in his sights for some time.

Damian Hall runs up a rocky path and smilesCredit: Leo Francis /inov-8.

“As a runner, I like to go back on trails that I previously explored as a hiker,” said Hall before the attempt. “Especially if they had a Mike Hartley record.”

read this full story of inov-8. (This data record confirmation is still pending.)

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