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Receiving an Ikon Pass opens the door to a winter full of adventure, whether you’re skiing well-known slopes near your home or exploring new regions. It’s like a national park pass, but with more snow.

With an Ikon Pass, more than 40 destinations worldwide with new experiences are unlocked. These early deals are the best you’ll find all year round. There are even Payment plansSo now you can start building your Stoke for the entire winter of 2021-2022.

There are other benefits as well. Existing pass holders can save $ 100 if you renew early (before May 5). Parents can save up to $ 200 on child IDs, and discounts are available for military personnel, nurses, and students too. You can even start early spring skiing in selected locations. Right, you can use a new passport this spring multiple goals.

It’s all part of the Ikon Pass Own the Stoke campaign to get you excited for a full season on the slopes. Next, let’s examine a few ways you can get the most out of your pass.

Get your Ikon Pass early

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Experiences make memories and one Ikon Pass offers the opportunity to make new ones for months. The Ikon Pass offers many experiences and it’s not just about the big mountain brackets when skiing and snowboarding.

Of course, it’s your turn, but take some time to try new things and get the most out of the mountain. Here are five activities you might not know about so you can get the most out of your Ikon Pass.

Ikon Pass benefits

1. Get to know a region

Ikon Pass ValleySunset_CfreyPhoto courtesy Ikon Pass

Visit audiences and learn about some of the most productive snow regions in the country in New England Pacific Northwest, Northern California, or the Rockies. These unique regions with different climates and snow are ski and snowboard breeding grounds that offer days of new driving experiences.

These hotspots have several Ikon Pass destinations nearby. That means you can tick off bucket list trails on long weekends or other extended stays. Ikon Pass Bundled trips have plans for your powder runs, restaurants, and accommodations.

2. Beyond Skiing: Fun for all ages and abilities

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Fat biking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling

With an Ikon Pass, you don’t feel like every visit has to be crowded on most runs – you can have fun on your skis or snowboard all year round. Sometimes you need a break from the crowds or just want to change your routine. Then it’s a great time to try out some of the other on-snow activities at the Ikon Pass destinations and make more memories.

For starters you will find trails for cross-country skiing and fat biking. Likewise, you can explore the flat, forested areas of the mountain with a snowshoe or snowmobile.

Some destinations run in-depth tours on the wood or mining history of the area. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) offers daily free snowshoe and ski tours on Aspen and Snowmass with an emphasis on the science of the terrain.

Tubing and tobogganing

Family members or friends with different abilities can meet up after running to participate in more relaxed social activities. A popular option is the hose, which can be accompanied by music and fun lights after sunset.

There are little to no skills, and it should evoke childhood flashbacks. In addition, Ikon Pass holders can travel for free to certain destinations on certain days.

Attractions like this are less common Outlaw Mountain Coaster In Steamboat, a sledge runs on more than 6,000 feet of rails and drops 400 feet with heady drops and turns.

3. Afterwards

Ikon Pass Spr_Campaign_Selects_2101065992Photo courtesy Ikon Pass

When you are done skiing, you can continue enjoying mountain life. Part of a visit or stay are the restaurants and pubs to recharge your batteries at lunchtime and aprés. Checking out the dining scene is part of the fun and a great way to take in the unique nature of each travel destination.

A burger and beer are staples everywhere, but The Bag & Kettle’s Bag Burger and its secret sauce are a mainstay of the Sugar Loaf. Steamboat’s TBar stands out from the crowd as it is a ski-in, ski-out target built into a former ski patrol trailer.

Go underground to Mammoth Mountain Clock tower cellar and marvel at the extensive whiskey collection with more than 160 types. At Aspen Snowmass, you can have champagne while soaking up the sun and the social scene around the Ajax Tavern.

These are just a few highlights of the top travel destinations. All resorts offer a variety of dining and entertainment options to suit your style and mood.

4. First tracks and uphill

Ikon Pass PanoOpen_Cfrey-07763-EditPhoto courtesy Ikon Pass

First Tracks Pass

There is a certain anticipation that comes from the clear morning hours on the lift and looking down at the fresh snow that you are about to descend on. If you’re an early bird to your local ski area, consider purchasing a First Tracks Pass. Seasoned skiers love to move through pristine powder and maybe it’s worth the extra money.

Most travel destinations sell these additional passes. They’re not part of the Ikon Pass, but you can think of your early bird savings as a down payment for next season’s early birds.


Another way to get your first tracks is to go to special access areas that are offered in several resorts. Destinations usually charge a small additional fee for mountain binding, while some destinations, such as Copper Mountain, do not charge an additional fee for Ikon pass holders.

The 2021-2022 season is still a long way off, and the resorts will likely wait to update their policies shortly before they reopen.

Stock up on Stoke

Invest in next year’s adventure with a discounted Ikon Pass. You can spend your summer days remembering this year’s fun – and planning more for the next one.

It is noteworthy that the Ikon Pass also rolls over his Adventure protection Program for the 2021-2022 season. This gives Ikon Pass holders the confidence to drive in the event of COVID-related closures or to defer the value of their unused Ikon Pass 2021-2022 to an Ikon Pass 2022-2023 until December 10, 2021.

Get your Ikon Pass early

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This article is sponsored by Ikon Pass. Find out more about deals and destinations for the Ikon Pass Here.

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