5 BBQ Suggestions & Methods to Tackle Your Subsequent Tenting Journey

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As Brits up and down the country swap their usual holiday abroad for something a little more staycation, for first time tent-pitchers, this means getting the most out of your initial camp set up is key. And the same is true for BBQing. Grilling in the great outdoors vs. your own back garden isn’t without its differences, that’s why together with Wayfair, we’re sharing our top BBQ tips to take with you on your next camping trip.

What BBQ Model Works Best for Camping?

There’s a whole world of BBQ models out there but when it comes to camping, nothing beats a portable grill. Light, compact and easily transportable, most portable barbecues are electric, meaning all you have to do is find a nearby plug socket or extension cable and you’re good to go.

And since many camping sites prohibit open flames, electric BBQs are ideal for adhering to outdoor grilling guidelines. Just be aware that although these models heat up pretty quickly, they will fail to reach as high a temperature as their gas or charcoal counterparts.

What to Cook on your BBQ?

Nothing beats a meaty burger straight off the grill…or so you thought. The last few years have seen somewhat of a grilling revolution with people choosing to forgo traditional BBQ dishes in favour of deliciously vegan and vegetarian options, delicate fish and other juicy meats.

From halloumi and vegetable kebabs to gourmet barbecued sea bass, find a full list of BBQ recipes to suit every taste.

Cooking on your BBQ

Barbecuing Beneath the Stars

With light pollution left hanging over the big city, camping is the perfect time to take advantage of the clear night sky to BBQ under the stars.

Simply switch on a couple of dimly lit camping lights, take in the warm nighttime air and sit back as you enjoy your perfectly barbecued meal. Trust us, you’ll never get the same effect back at home.

Mastering the Clean Up

No one likes dirty plates, cups and discarded food cluttering up their camping space, even less so the site owners, so be sure to clear any rubbish as you go and throw it away in the correct waste disposal.

A clean grill also guarantees a great cook each time you fire up the BBQ, therefore you should clean your grill at the first possible chance, making sure to remove any grease before it solidifies.

BBQ tips for camping

Safety First, Always

Just like at home, BBQ safety should be your top priority. When it comes to keeping you and your camping buddies safe, never take a lit or smouldering grill inside, whether that be a tent or camper van, as the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are at their highest.

Always remember to steer clear of other campers and keep your grill in a well-ventilated area, ensuring that all your BBQ equipment has fully cooled down before storing.

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