5 books to coach your looking canine

If the dreams of puppies regularly mingle with the dreams of your adult dog picking up birds, these books that focus on hunting dog training should be in your library.

I have to admit, I researched this list of books in a frenzy of baby bird excitement. My first bird dog is due in just a few weeks, and 7-8 weeks after that I will be cradling a tiny brown boykin spaniel in my arms.

Bird hunting behind dogs has been a rare but extraordinary experience each time, so I decided it was both training and the hunt that I wanted to accept. But I live in a small town that has few bird dog trainers. So I figured I’d turn the page for more information.

When training my hypersensitive Border Collie, I used a book entitled “The beloved dog“From Tamar Geller, and I found it extremely helpful. Years later, Butch is a consummate gentleman and sets high standards.

Now that I do hunt-specific training, I will be using a variety of texts to start and finish my hunting dog and these are the ones I will be relying on. Here are books recommended by reviewers and bird dogs alike.

“How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves Using Conditioned Early Learning” by Joan Bailey

This book was written primarily for dogs in their first 12 months of life. It encourages owners to use socialization, exposure, and classic conditioning to help your pup grow into his hunting dog instincts.

With over 130 pictures and step-by-step instructions, this is less of a verbose exercise and more of a practical guide on how to use positive reinforcement and affection to set your puppy for success. How quickly can I add this to my Amazon cart? So fast

What customers say: “Unlike other ‘training methods’ that rely on negative and sometimes harsh references, this book focuses on creating a positive and constructive dialogue between humans and dogs based on mutual trust, love and affection. While the goal of man is simply to raise a well-behaved family member and companion, this book is a MUST HAVE. “- Melissa Allen

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“Absolutely Positive Gundog Training: Positive Training for Your Retriever Gundog” by Robert Milner

Hunting dog training, Robert Milner

Robert Milner has long bred British Labradors and trained dogs for hunting, odor detection, and search and rescue. His approach also focuses on positive reinforcement and he adds useful scientific research to his methods.

The only downside is that flushing dogs like your retrievers matters more than your pointer breeds. But if flushing dogs is your thing, Milner has plenty of great advice on how to get the most out of them while having a good time together. And what’s more fun than having fun with your pup?

What customers say: “Take the confusion and compulsion out of dog training. This is the most direct and easiest to implement training method I have ever found. It makes dogs that love to hunt and do exceptionally well, with bonus points to make a great family dog ​​too. I had given up the idea of ​​training because the traditional methods just don’t work well and they are SLOW. That’s three times faster and makes a dog who loves his job. “- Foxfire

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“Wild dog: The hunter-retriever for highland birds and waterfowl” by Richard A. Wolters

Hunting dog training, Richard Wolter

Richard Wolter’s first book on training dogs was published in 1961. Re: This guy has been training retrievers for a very long time. Many publications refer to his textbooks in a biblical sense. And more than 300 net reviews of his methods five stars on Amazon.

People tell to get this before they have your pup. But older dogs can learn new tricks. And Wolter’s methods are proven and consistently produce well behaved, happy retrievers.

What customers say: “Had to [buy] Another example, probably the fifth, that I have owned because I keep giving it to new dog owners who want their dog to be as well trained and disciplined as mine. Have trained 6 Labradors using Wolter methods over the years since I was 8 years old. From my 7th. Chocolate man. Got off to a good start. “- SSS

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“Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting & Home” by Richard Weaver

Pointing dog training

Since some books focus on flushing retrievers (which will be my pup), I couldn’t leave out the showing breeds among us. This book is loved by pointer trainers and owners alike.

It takes a wide range to talk about races, solve problems, point out specifics and much more. This is rather educational what to look for when starting my new training journey. And it seems great for the owners of the fabulous and elegant pointer breeds.

What customers say: “Excellent book for someone looking to train a pointing dog for the first time … I read various training books from top trainers looking for a good plan or guide and came up with my own plan using these different methods to suit my style correspond . I later found and read this book only to find out that it fits right in with my plans to train my new German Shorthaired Pointer. I’ll be using it as a reference as I train this pup to be a hunting dog. “- Tom Gordon

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“Force-Free Gundog Training: The Basics for Success” by Jo Laurens

Bird dog training, Jo Laurens

In working with dogs and horses, I’ve found that operant conditioning is the fastest, most engaging tool my animal partner loves to learn with. It is a useful tool for any animal at any point in training. And the more you find out, the better it gets.

That’s what this book is about, step by step, rather than gaining a theoretical advantage.

What customers say: “This is the dog training textbook I have been looking for. Both me and my dog ​​are having a great time on this journey where we both practice the basics of this sport so that I can go to bed at night knowing we are both having a wonderful time. Can’t wait for Jo to write the next book on more advanced hunting dog work! – Jaime Dan

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