5 Issues to Know Earlier than Your First Outside Journey With Children

Adventure really takes on a new definition after you become a parent, doesn’t it? Tasks that used to be a breeze now feel monumental (especially when you have a toddler who missed her nap). Remember when you used to run to the grocery store and didn’t have to deal with car seats, negotiate with a miniature troublemaker, and stealthily navigate past the toy aisle?

It’s really no surprise why so many parents are a little less active and adventurous than they used to be. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and wanting to spend some rejuvenating time with nature, here are some tips to help your next family forest adventure feel a little less intimidating.

While you might tend to think of a high alpine campsite or a far-off marvel of nature as a destination, think outside the box when planning your next trip. You might be surprised to find you have a National Forest close to your home, with plenty of dispersed camping and trails to explore.

You might be catching on to the fact that adventure with children rarely goes exactly as planned. Before heading out, have a backup plan, and even a backup backup.

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