7 interesting things to do in Dehradun if you want to avoid the crowds

F.From delicious food to ancient river caves, there is plenty to do in Dehradun. But on this blog, I am listing things that will take your mind off the irritating tourist attractions.

To do this effectively, I have spoke to Indiahikes Trek Leaders – You know Dehradun like the back of your hand because so many of us do Hikes like Kedarkanta, Har ki Dun and Rupin Pass start in Dehradun.

On these trails, hikers often find a day or two to spend in Dehradun after their hikes. Instead of wandering through the same overcrowded tourist spots, here is a list of diverse and interesting things to do in Dehradun that are not necessarily crowded.

1. Skip Mussoorie and explore Lansdowne instead

At the mention of Dehradun, Mussoorie immediately pops into our minds. They are usually both mentioned together.

Photo by Komal Shivdasani

But Mussoorie’s charming surroundings got crowded with overcrowding and rubbish late. It is no longer at the top of the must-see places list. If you want to explore Dehradun, turn to that instead calm and serene Lansdowne. The air here is comparatively fresh.

Lansdowne is like Mussoorie 20 years ago. Beauty and purity intact, it’s a wonderful place to visit

Lansdowne also has a niche in the reader’s heart. Famous Author Ruskin Bond lives here. Every Saturday he happily signs books in the cramped Cambridge Bookstall.

2. Visit the Buddhist Monastery of the Sakya Center

Dehradun is heavily influenced by Tibetan culture and tradition. The Sakya Center Buddhist MonasteryAn example of this is a spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism.

Located on the famous Rajpur Road, this monastery was Founded in 1073 in Sakya, Tibet. It was rebuilt in Dehradun in 1964.

An interesting thing in Dehradun would be to spend some time in this peaceful monastery and learn more about Tibetan culture and worship. Outside this monastery you can find a number of souvenir shops. You may Choose a piece of jewelry from here as a reminder of this peaceful place.

3. Explore the forest trails of Chakrata

Deoban Trek Indiahikes

If you are looking for a quiet time, this must be on your list of things to do in Dehradun.

Chakrata is a canton town between the tons and Yamuna Rivers. If you have an extra night in the area, drive approximately 92 km to Chakrata and stay there for one night.

It is a quiet mountain station. During the day, explore the hilly city and spend time in the garden nearby Ramtal Birds like Gray Treepie, Turtle Dove and Black Headed Jay live here.

You can even go on a hike like Deoban, which starts from Chakrata and takes you on a forest trail through Deodar trees.

4. Cycle to Kimadi, a village near Dehradun

This route from Dehradun to Kimadi is famous among bikers because of the picturesque winding roads. It will take you a little over 2 hours to reach Kimadi. However, avoid driving on these roads during the monsoons. This route is prone to landslides.

When you reach Kimadi, take a break to catch the golden sunset over it picturesque village.

Note: We are looking for more information and photos of this route. If you have been to Kimadi before, please share your experience with us [email protected]

5. Experience the technical wonder of the Teheri Dam

Tehri Dam Site IndiahikesThe elegant Bhagirathi River flows past the Teheri Dam. Photo by Trek Leader Pradyumna

Located nearby 100 km from DehradunYou need about 3 hours to reach the Teheri Dam project from Dehradun. It’s a great place to explore when you have an extra day on hand.

Teheri Dam, built on the turquoise bank Bhagirathi riveris the highest dam in India. Not only is the place a marvel of engineering, but it is also becoming increasingly popular for water adventure sports in Lake Teheri.

You can either travel from Dehradun to Teheri via Rishikesh same day or travel to Chamba the day before and stop for the night. Teheri is only 11 km away from Chamba. This allows you to explore Tehri and get back to Dehradun in time for your onward journey.

6. Visit the Wood Museum at the Forest Research Institute

The Forest Research Institute (FRI) was founded in 1878 as the Forest School. It is more than 200 years old!

Set up on a huge area of ​​land Brandis RoadThe main building is suitable for a large tour. So understandably there is a museum here that houses the rich history of this place.

The FRI Timber Museum has five branches on a variety of topics, from wood to history. If you want to avoid the crowds, spend a day at the museums and learn about tree and forest life. The museum stays open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

| Note: The museum is temporarily closed due to the spread of Covid-19. Please check with the museum on 0135 275 5491 before arranging a visit.

7. Explore the robbers’ den

The robber’s den is interesting River cave in the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s pretty close to the city of Dehradun, barely 8 km away.

Locally, this cave is known as Gachhupani. It is a narrow strip of water that towers over boulders up to 10 meters high. There is also a broken fortress wall and boulders on either side.

When you feel adventurousThe Robber’s Den is an interesting place to add to this list. Expect July to September wade through knee-deep water get to the other side.

bonus: Trek Leaders list 5 food joints in Dehradun for food lovers

It’s no secret that Dehradun is famous for its great food. So food had to be on the list of interesting things to do in Dehradun.

Singh soup bar is a place known for a variety of soups and momos. Go over to Kalsang Friends Corner if you crave cheesecake or pizza.

It’s a pleasant surprise that you can get a lovely crispy ghee dosa in this northern corner of India. I suggest you try it South Indian mood if you crave south indian food. One more thing, no matter which restaurant you visit, carry and use your own cutlery that you had used during your hike. It’s a hygienic and environmentally friendly way to eat out!

For a sumptuous and inexpensive meal, Uss Da Dhaba would be a good choice. They serve a typical North Indian meal that is both filling and cheap.

I especially like the pineapple juice that you get from the street vendors in Dehradun.

If you’re looking for great Chinese food with a view, this is it The orchard is a must. From here you can eat while you look at the orange sun behind the mighty mountains.

That brings us to the bottom of this list. Have you experienced any of the above? Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? Leave a comment below.

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