92 miles: ultra running of a mule deer hike


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Wildlife biologist Pat Rodgers leads the 92-mile mule deer walk for many reasons. This fabulous film interweaves the personal with the educational in a way that is both moving and awe inspiring.

Mule deer are migratory. In order to reproduce, breed and survive, the species needs space and corridors to move safely through different phases of life.

Part of Pat Rodgers’ job as a wildlife researcher is to better understand these corridors. The stressors and obstacles mule deer currently face are not just a few.

And to delve into their journey, Rodgers decided to turn the track into an ultra run to alert both of them to the many problems Mule deer make and inform human decisions about land use and management.

But Rodgers also struggles with personal losses along the way. His father – a nature filmmaker – supported this idea of ​​walking along the migration route, but he left too early to see how it came to fruition. Rodgers pays tribute to this journey of personal loss against the journey of better understanding the land mule deer travel through.

“We try too often to change places like this instead of letting ourselves be changed,” says Rodgers along the way. “And that’s migration. It’s moving from a difficult place where you suffer and struggle to a better place. “

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration combined with a lot of ambition, check out ’92 Miles’ from. at Cold collaboration. You can’t miss it.

By Nicole Qualtieri

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