93 Miles Unsupported: One other Wonderland Path FKT

Ryan Montgomery finishes the Wonderland Trail; Photo credit: Ryan Thrower

Running the 150 km of Wonderland Trail is no easy task.

On Saturday Suunto team runners Ryan Montgomery set a new unsupported FKT record on the mountain. Rainier & # 39; s Wonderland Trail. He completed the iconic loop around the mountain. In 18 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds it was rainier and exceeded the fastest known time by almost an hour.

And when the record is reduced to minutes and seconds, you know that this is a tough challenge. Here is a summary of the strenuous FKT.

Wonderland Trail FKT: Not supported

Wonderland Trail: The trail that circles Mount Rainier in Washington State
distance: 150 km
Vertical reinforcement: 7,315 m (24,000 feet)

“Whoa, what an adventure! Today I was able to close the gap on the Wonderland Trail, one of the most famous routes around the mountain in North America, by almost an hour. Rainier, for a new FKT unsupported in 18:49:11, ”wrote Montgomery after graduation.

Even more impressive than starting the feat in the dark was that Montgomery had worked a 60-hour work week the night before his attempt. He had also been late to get a campsite and had the wrong size batteries for his headlight. So he had a rocky start.

“As a child, I loved visiting the mountain. Rainier National Park has been overtaken by its rugged, spectacular beauty, but it always seemed untouchable, ”said Montgomery. "Now, as a trail ultra runner, I realized that running the Wonderland Trail – a relentless, leg-crushing circumnavigation of the mountain – is the best way to experience Rainier."

Montgomery began his FKT attempt at 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning and night and ended after dark on Saturday. The first few hours went smoothly, although (like most ultra runners) he got a treat at some point. "I took a couple of nosedives along the way, probably tripped on a root, but I manage to jump back up," recalled Montgomery.

And he must have bounced back with verve in his step to finish in record time. The record was confirmed today on FKT.com.

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