A great sleeper in the backcountry: The feathered Friends Lark 10 UL sleeping bag

Ultra-light, ultra-warm and ultra-packable. The Lark 10 UL from Feathered Friends is a sleeping bag powerhouse for backcountry hunters, hikers and campers.

As an enthusiastic backpack hunter, I am always looking for high-quality equipment improve my backcountry system. These pieces of equipment need to be ultra-light, packable and reliable. When you’re in the backcountry, you have what you have and that’s it.

Sleeping bags are one of the most important things I look out for, especially when the temperature drops. When I found out about it Lark 10 UL from feathered friends, I knew I just had to put it to the test in the mountains. It was perfect on paper.

However, time would tell if it met its specifications.

A closer look at the Lark 10 UL

Photo: Josh Kirchner, voted into Hunter

Before we get into the review, let’s take a closer look at those Lark 10 ul. This 10-degree mummy-shaped bag is available in both a regular (6 foot) and a long (6.5 foot) model and is filled with 950+ goose down. Regular models come in at 31.3 ounces and long models come in at 33.1 ounces, which makes for an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.

Pertex Endurance UL is the material used for the shell of the Lark. This is a water-repellent, breathable material that helps to roll off condensation in the field. Wet is extremely difficult to dry off, so this is a welcome addition.

The Lark is also equipped with # 5 YKK two-way zippers with locking slides. Below-average zips are never fun and Feathered Friends knows that. Together with the bag you get a pack sack for packing and a storage sack for stowing the bag when not in use at home.

My favorite features of the Lark 10 UL

Collar and zip

Feathered Friends Lark 10 UL sleeping bagPhoto: Josh Kirchner, Voted Hunter

Two of the first things I noticed about the Lark 10 UL were the collar and the zipper. The collar is awesome for keeping warmth in the pocket, and I mean awesome.

During a spring bear hunt in the hinterland, I never felt air seep in from the top of the bag. This was common practice with other bags for me in the past.

And then there is the zipper. I’ve always had problems with hanging zippers, and Feathered Friends seemed to solve that with their zipper pullers and zipper protector. The sliders reduce the risk of the fabric getting caught, while the guard – a flexible piece of plastic in the fabric – guides the fabric away from the zipper.


I sleep on my side and have always had problems with conventional mummy bags. Usually they don’t give me the space in the bag to comfortably turn on my side without turning the whole bag with me.

This is another area that I pleasantly surprised with the Lark 10 UL. Sure, it’s actually a mummy-shaped bag, but they gave the user a little more room.

I can easily turn on my side in this bag and I don’t feel as if I am being strangled by it. As a reference, I’m 5’11 ”and have opted for the normal bag.

Uniform warmth

This bag is not only comfortable, but also offers evenly distributed warmth. So far I have slept in the Lark 10 UL for 20 days.

I haven’t experienced any cold spots at all. I think that’s because of the extremely high quality down, as well as the continuous panels that allow you to put the insulation where you need it. I didn’t have to do this personally, but the option is there.

A couple of downsides

While I was very happy with the Lark 10 UL, there are a few downsides. The biggest one on the surface is the price for that bad boy. The normal size is $ 609 and the long size is $ 629. It’s a heavy pill to swallow for a sleeping bag.

On the other hand, a properly cared for down sleeping bag can last for decades. This high price comes with the assurance that you will have literally years of good sleep, which makes the drug a lot easier.

And while this bag’s packability is impressive, it can always be better. Down comforters have been my first choice for many years due to their smaller pack size.

It would be nice if Feathered Friends offered a compression sack instead of a normal pack sack. This would help immensely when it was time to pack and wouldn’t require you to buy one separately.

Final thoughts

Feathered Friends Lark 10 UL Sleeping BagPhoto: Josh Kirchner, Voted Hunter

Ultimately, I really love this bag. From its functionality to its build quality, this thing can handle anything thrown at it. It will do this too with no lack of performance. Sure, there are some downsides like anything else, but you can bet your butt does what you need to.

Reliability is at the top of my list when it comes to equipment. As someone who spends more than a lot of time Hunting in the hinterland, this is definitely a piece of gear that has earned a place in my backpack. I look forward to more adventures with my Feathered Friends Lark 10 UL Sleeping Bag!

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