A information to mountain climbing for novice hikers

On a recent hike, John Gallen Jr. came across an injured hiker. The hiker had stumbled, fallen and was bleeding. With his first aid kit, Gallen was able staunch the bleeding from what appeared to be a small severed artery. He helped the hiker to safety. Falls can happen to anyone on the trail, but being prepared can make a difference.

Gallen, an experienced hiker, said the first aid kit is something he never hikes without, whether it’s a familiar local stroll or a trek through the Andes or Himalayas. “I think she was younger than some of the Band Aids in that kit,” said Gallen.

For Lisa Peterson, a board member of the Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy, waterfalls are a lure to hiking across the United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, as well as Italy and Asia and Latin America.

“When I’m on business travel, my hikes are alone,” said Peterson of Brecknock Township. “So this leads me to offer some advice on the importance of having a plan.” Peterson said hiking is an opportunity to be with nature.

“It’s peaceful,” she said. “Sometimes one can hike an entire day and see no other person. And in many of these places, they are so remote that cellular phone service doesn’t exist. So a hiker needs to think along the lines of being self-reliant.”

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