A journey for women to end marine pollution

To study and raise awareness of microplastic pollution, the women at eXXpedition are ready to literally go to the end of the world. The nonprofit, founded in 2014 to organize research expeditions for women studying sustainability in the ocean, is the subject of Outside TV’s latest series, Sirens of the Sea. In 2019, the group embarked on a four-year all-female voyage from Plymouth, UK to São Miguel in the Azores to collect data on the increasing ocean crisis en route to remote regions of the world’s oceans. The show focuses on the first leg of their journey and culminates with a stop at the North Atlantic Gyre, where they tested the life of water and oceans to diagnose the spread and impact of human litter in the ocean. The series follows the co-founder of eXXpedition, Emily Penn, and the rest of the 14-person crew. She emphasizes the commitment and resilience of the researchers on board while facing the dangers of sailing across the Atlantic.

How to watch sirens of the sea:

Streaming Sunday, May 9th at 8 p.m. EDT on Outside TV +, available on Dish, RedBox, the Roku Channel, Samsung TVPlus, Sling, Stirr, Xumo, Vizio WatchFree and the free Outside TV app.

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