A movie homage to the household: “Captain Scott B and the components for a magical life”

The Scott B Film Project is an independent feature-length documentary. We sat down with creator Betsy Bertram to learn more about the ingredients that make up this story.

Betsy Bertram is a name that is hard to miss in the US outdoor industry. Her parents’ company, Townsend Bertram & Companyhas profoundly impacted the community of Carrboro, NC and beyond. Bertram himself dedicated himself to the management of the family outfitter for 6 years. After 32 years in business, Townsend Bertram & Company is closing its doors on this Thanksgiving Day.

After graduating from the Outdoor Industry Association’s Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy, Betsy is now aiming for a degree in Outdoor Leadership. Her writing is the basis of the film – “Captain Scott B and the Ingredients for a Magical Life” – in honor of her father.

We sat down with Betsy Bertram to learn about the key ingredients that make up this poignant father-daughter adventure film.

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Interview with Betsy Bertram

GearJunkie: What was it like filming this trial in honor of your father, Captain Scott B?

Bertram: It was an emotional journey of the heart that both reconnect me my father and also encourages me to research what ingredients I want in my life. I want the same sense of fulfillment that my father felt at the end of his life.

I would also like to add that the film project showed me how storytelling can take many forms. Learning a new medium [film] was challenging and rewarding. I see my writing become more powerful with visuals. [but it also] urges me to communicate without words [and] Trust my audience.

[Also, I see] This film is a means for me to share the wisdom that my father shared with me and to pass it on to downstream generations.

What ingredients can we use in our life to make it magical?

One of the main ingredients in my father’s life and thematically throughout the film is creativity.

creativity can take many forms and be used to metabolize various experiences. On my journey, I learn how to do it Transform grief in creative expression.

eat is a basic life ingredient that we all need to feed ourselves. In making this film, I am reminded that cooking is not just making food, it is an art form.

Outside is another necessary ingredient and a huge part of this outdoor adventure story. The natural world has always been a place of healing and reconnection for me. I especially love kitesurfing and yogaTwo ways I move my body outside that support my health and wellbeing.

Captain Scott B and the Ingredients for a Magical Life

family and friends are key ingredients. It would not be possible to make this film without the incredible support of our family and friends. It was a gift that they would share their own experiences with my father and include their voices in this documentary.

Being with children is healing and an ingredient that I keep adding to my life every day. Scott B loved spending time with children and was a “kid” himself. I love how children often bring back funny memories of my father, while adults often talk about my father’s death rather than his life. Children help me remember the good times and return to joy.

I also found humor be a helpful ingredient. My father’s persistent sense of humor helped immensely in facing his final diagnosis. He had a good sense of humor during his cancer treatment and even in the last days of his life. When he died he had a huge smile on his face and I like to think that he reminded me and my family to keep smiling no matter what.

I realized the importance of smilingnot only to increase the feeling of happiness in yourself, but also to connect with other people. We experience COVID-19 and Wear masksIt illuminates the power of smiles to connect with one another and how a smile is visible in the eyes.

Scott B. Betsy Bertram, pictured with her father Captain Scott B.

What’s the main thing that you want people to take away from the movie?

I want watching the movie to be a healing experience in itself. Grief is a universal experience, and we are more aware of it than ever as we navigate a global pandemic. We go through loss every day.

And we’re all going to die someday, and it’s hard to keep that in mind without our impermanence being a burden. I want the film to remind us to focus less on the time we have and more on the quality of each and every day.

As a society, we often focus on our differences rather than what binds us together. Grief is one of those universal experiences that remind us that we all experience loss. I hope the film is a representation of our collective kinship.

My father immersed himself in life to reach its full potential. My greatest hope is that the film will inspire people to see the magic in their own everyday lives.

Movie release: Coming soon

Can’t wait to see this wondrous film? It will be released in early 2021. In the meantime, you can watch the movie trailer Here.

“Captain Scott B and the Ingredients for a Magical Life” is funded by generous support from individual and corporate donors. click Here to help donate to the film project or watch the films Sponsor page.

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