A solstice celebration with Cotswold Outside, June 20th

To celebrate the beginning of summer and mark the longest day of the year, Cotswold Outdoor encourages the British public to find time to part and go outside to enjoy Britain's favorite snack time this summer solstice – Elevenses.

Camping trips and weekend trips are not yet possible
It is easy to forget that the spirit of the adventure is still there
by planning an outdoor break.

It's part of a day trip on two feet or two wheels, a short walk to the locals
Park or retreat to the garden, planning a little trip or activity
can instantly improve our mood by giving us something to look forward to
A moment to stop and appreciate our natural surroundings.

On Saturday, June 20, punctually at 11 a.m., Cotswold Outdoor rings its invisible bell to signal that the break time has started. Ask people to remove their electronic devices and enjoy the view around them before picking up a refreshing drink and snack of their choice.

a range of activities to encourage the British to enjoy and document their time
Elevenses was spent outdoors in June and is part of Cotswold Outdoor & # 39; Solar
Celebration ”with activities the week before summer
Solstice and the day itself.

This includes a photography tutorial, a backcountry coffee class, afternoon yoga and
a soundscape at sunset – all hosted via the Cotswold Outdoor social media channels
and led by remarkable personalities and specialists.

More information about the Cotswold Outdoor Solstice can be found here.

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