ACR Electronics Acquires Bivy Stick, Bringing Competition to Satellite Devices Market

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There are some big changes coming up for Bivy and the entire satellite device market.

ACR Electronics recently acquired the Utah-based Bivy Stick, a satellite communications device brand. “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Bivy by ACR Electronics, a leading provider of safety and survival products that provide life-saving solutions for outdoor enthusiasts around the world,” announced Bivy Stick in March.

Bivy was first launched three years ago, founded by Vance Cook. “We’re seeing an unprecedented increase in outdoor users in a number of segments,” said Cook. “And we’re excited to make our technology available to ACR Electronics users so they can venture further.”

Both companies hope that the acquisition will “open up even more opportunities” for Bivy customers and ACR customers.

The new ACR Bivy

The newest and first ACR Bivy is available now. It costs $ 350 online and is available at bivouac, ACR, and Amazon.com. Do you already have an old bivouac? You can Exchange yours!

The Bivy-Stick is a subscription-based Iridium satellite two-way communicator. With it you can send SMS messages, track and share location information, access GPS maps, view weather forecasts and of course activate an SOS.

The Bivy uses Bluetooth, connects in airplane mode and works with the Bivy Stick app. There are no small screens or buttons – everything can be accessed from your smartphone.

The features of the ACR Bivy are similar to the updated version 2.0 we tested a year ago, with some updates and a new look and feel.

ACR Bivy Stick Satellite Device Communicator

What the acquisition does

ACR Electronics was founded in 1956 and has long been a major player in personal beacons and transponders. SOS products are currently being made for a range of users, including the ResQ Flare for boaters and the SkyTrac for pilots. ACR also makes transponders for the aerospace, search and rescue industries.

Probably the most famous consumer-facing product is this ResQLink PLB (a personal location signal) that has been used by outdoor enthusiasts for decades.

But the bivy stick diversifies ACR’s offerings for the outdoors: Backpackers, skiers, hikers and more.

Most notably, the ACR-powered bivy offers healthy competition against other brands of satellite devices, such as: JOB and Garmin.

As it is a private company, the financial data for the acquisition has not been released.

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