Alabama’s main Nationwide Forests supporters announce the rebirth of Wild Alabama

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Some good news for Alabama’s National Forests. Wild South, the North Carolina-based regional forest conservation group, has announced plans to reorganize the organization and create a new independent and separate not-for-profit organization called Wild Alabama.

As part of the reorganization, the group will retain all staff and maintain its current programs and offices in Moulton, Alabama, near the Bankhead National Forest. The new Alabama-based group will continue a close sorority relationship with Wild South.

Although it will officially be a new organization in the eyes of the IRS, Wild Alabama has a long and successful conservation history in the state.

The group originally started out as a Bankhead Monitor in the early 1990s. In 1994 they expanded their operations nationwide and changed their name to Wild Alabama. Eventually, the group became Wild South in the 2000s to reflect their regional efforts. In 2007 they merged with the Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project, kept the Wild South name and relocated their headquarters to Asheville, North Carolina.

The mission of the new Wild Alabama remains the same. They will continue to protect, promote, and educate citizens about Alabama’s National Forests and the three wilderness areas – the Sipsey, Cheaha and Dugger Wilderness Areas.

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