Ali-Bedni Bugyal Trek: A Photo Story from Spring 2021

This is a special photo story of the Ali Bedni Bugyal hike. Special because this was the first season of the hike. Especially because it was the first time that hikers saw these large meadows wrapped in snow.

In this photo story you have Photos shared by Photo Trekker Yash Trivedi.

The group started in Lohajung, the base camp of the Ali-Bedni Bugyal Trekking. For those who don’t know, Lohajung is a narrow market town on a ridge. It’s also a pass that was used to travel from one side of the mountain to the other.

It was spring. The group started trekking from Lohajung on March 23, 2021.

On the way they saw the village of Kulling on the other side of the valley. Unfortunately the village of Kulling is sinking due to the landslides in the area. With everyone’s safety in mind, the government has ordered the residents of Kulling to emigrate to another village – Didina.

From Lohajung the path leads into a mixed forest of oaks and rhododendrons.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesAfter a two-hour descent you reach this iron bridge over the Neel Ganga. This place is called Raun Bagad.

The path uphill to Didina begins from Raun Bagad – – the village inhabited by the people of Kulling.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesReaching Didina could be confusing as there are many roads leading to this rustic village. Keep your GPX close at hand so you don’t get lost in the woods.

The next day, after the start of Didina, you will hike in the dark shade of the trees.

The trek leader conducts an experience where you interact closely with the trees of the forest. It consciously brings you closer to nature, pulls you into the moment.

Ali bedni Bugyal IndiahikesIt is comforting to spend some time in the quiet company of the trees.

After 3 km of trekking, the views suddenly open up and you jump into the meadows.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesThe experience of stepping out of the tree line and into the meadows is overwhelming. Here a trekker enjoys the first views of the great Garhwal Himalayas.

Because of the Abin Kharak campsite, it became possible to hike to Ali-Bedni Bugyal.

Abin Kharak IndiahikesThe Abin Kharak campsite. It is right in the forest, right on the meadow. The Bugyals are just a short walk from here.

From Abin Kharak campsite, you can go out into the meadows for a spectacular sunset and sunrise the next day.

Abin Kharak IndiahikesHikers spend the night in Abin Kharak. The night sky was clear and the stars twinkled over the Hillman tents.

The next day, if you climb higher from Abin Kharak, you will see a blanket of snow in the landscape.

Ali bedni IndiahikesIt is a special sight to see the snow-capped meadows as the Garhwal Himalayas rise on the periphery.

Trekking to Ali-Bedni Bugyal in spring also offers rare views of the large mountains covered with thick snow.

Feather on the mountain.  Trishul IndiahikesHere you can see a snow cloud on the mountain. Trishul. Seeing snow blowing in the wind from the top of the Trishul massif is a larger than life experience.

Such a great sight can arouse a lot of emotions.

“One day I would like to get lost in these mountains again, relive these moments and find my life,” says Yash, looking back on the hike. He remembers a certain moment. “When I saw Mount Trishul from the top of Ali-Bedni Bugyal, I had mixed feelings. I felt spiritual, I felt that we are a very small part of that nature, ”he says.

Trekker weeps Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesA trekker collapses at the sight of the majestic Himalayan peaks. This experience is humbling and enjoyable.

The experience of trekking on the snow-capped Ali Bugyal is unique. Hikers almost always imagined these meadows to be lush green or a golden autumn hue. This was the first time hikers saw snow on this famous Bugyal.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesA trekker makes his way to Ali Bugyal and leaves soft footprints in the snow when the sky is clear and blue.

Even in spring, the temperatures in the Himalayas are cold.

Trekker in the sun Ali Bugyal IndiahikesA trekker who enjoys the sights and the sun.

The weather in the mountains is unpredictable. Clear weather can quickly give way to clouds.

Ali Bugyal IndiahikesTrekkers continue to drive through Bedni Bugyal even when clouds cover the peaks. It gets cold.

Ali-Bedni-Bugyals are part of the famous Roopkund Trail. This trail is also part of the annual Nanda Devi Jat Yatra, a pilgrimage and festival for the people of Uttarakhand.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesA temple in the frozen Bedni Kund. It reminds you of the religious importance of this path.

On the third day of this hike, you will drive from Abin Kharak to Gehroli Patal. On this day you will cross the Bedni-Bugyal and even hike to the Bedni peak.

Ali Bedni Bugyal IndiahikesThe group reaches the top of Bedni. The weather is clear and in the background you can see the Trishul massif.

Now you start to descend into the forest. The forests are getting darker. You walk over old roots of the rhododendron and oak trees.

Gehroli Patal IndiahikesThis is the Gehroli Patal campsite. It is the last day of the hike that you camp in the beautiful forest.

The next day you leave Gehroli Patal as the early morning rays filter through the forest leaves. You will descend all the way down to Wan village and then drive back to Lohajung.

This marks the end of your Ali Bedni Buggyal hike.

This story showed some rare sights of the snow-covered meadows. So far, very few trekkers have seen this side of the Ali-Bedni Bugyal. Are you one of the few trekkers? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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