America’s oldest extremely continues to be operating: The ‘JFK 50 Mile’ race is on the verge of the pandemic

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The JFK 50 mile race has been around since 1963. And despite the pandemic, it doesn’t stop this year.

Usually the fact is that an ultrarace happens as planned is no news. But in the age of COVID, as hundreds of global and national races – including the Olympics – will be canceledWhat is remarkable is the fact that there is still one race in progress.

“We intend to hold the 58th annual JFK 50 Mile on the scheduled date,” said the racing team wrote in an update. “We are working diligently to make this happen, following guidelines to ensure the safety of all attendees, spectators, volunteers and officials.”

Now there are some changes. For one thing, there is a limited capacity for participants – 1,200 this year. And there is no longer a single start time, but several waves to clear out runners. In light of the COVID pandemic, the organizers of the JFK 50 Mile are calling for a COVID-19 health screening and additional tests for travelers outside of the state within 24 hours of the race.

There will also be no caravans with spectators or an award ceremony, but there will still be aid stations.

If the 2020 race is canceled due to COVID-19 (the race lasts 2 days), participants can “postpone their participation in a future race in 2021, 2022 or 2023”.

JFK 50 Mile Race History

The JFK 50 Mile, also known as the JFK 50 Memorial, has operated every year since 1963. It began as part of President John F. Kennedy’s quest to promote physical fitness. The first race was in March 1963, but historically since the Kennedy assassination it has been held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

The JFK 50 Mile is on a point-to-point course. It starts in downtown Boonsboro, Maryland, but the race is changing rapidly, with a section of it on a single track section of the Appalachian Trail.

The 50 mile race is very popular with the military but is open to the public. Registration is still open today, and There are 12 places left.

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