Austin to Alamo hike: new 100 mile path mission ongoing

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Central Texans may soon have a new outdoor activity available: hiking from Austin to San Antonio.

The Great Springs Project is a local nonprofit that aims to build a network of trails connecting the two cities and four springs: Barton, Comal, San Marcos and San Antonio Springs.

“You can basically hike or bike from the Alamo to the Capitol,” says Deborah Morin, co-founder and chairman of the board of the Great Springs Project.

“80% of Texans (live) within three hours’ drive of this area. Instead of driving eight hours to Big Bend, you could come here and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. “

The idea for the project is to protect the Edwards Aquifer by creating a contiguous green belt across the region. Morin and her friends have been talking about this for 25 years. It was only recently that they realized that the region’s rapid growth could soon make the effort impossible and they decided to act quickly.

The group is working with a local design firm and the National Parks Service to plan new ways, find ways to connect existing ones, design intersections with bridges and tunnels, and try to pay for them.

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