Backcountry Snowboarding 101: Salomon Freeskiers present you the ropes

Salomon has teamed up with 11 freeski athletes to provide you with an informative, fun introduction to ski touring (with safety and style in mind).

One of the most common skiing proverbs is “know before you go”. This is especially important this season as more and more people are turning away from the resorts and targeting the open forest due to travel restrictions and crowds. But Neuland is not the place to get your turn unless you have the skills required.

This is where Salomon comes in. The brand recruited their athletes from all over the country (the athletes are working from home due to COVID-19) to teach you what they want and need to know.

The result is a 10-part comprehensive crash course on how to ski touring.

A guide to skiing in the hinterland

The first episode Launched today and Salomon will be posting upcoming servings weekly. Belong to the athletes Cody Townsend, Leah Evans, Stan Rey, Greg Hill, and more. That’s a lot of expertise that you always have to hand.

“This series is about what equipment you need, how that equipment works (e.g. cutting hides), the knowledge you should have when entering the hinterland (e.g. flight classes, weather reports, etc.), the items that you should wear and more, ”said Salomon.

“People can expect to learn the basics of choosing the right backcountry gear and using it,” said Salomon team athlete Stan Rey. “This series is by no means a substitute for attending an avalanche course, but it’s a great way to learn the basics.”

“The only advice I would give to people new to the backcountry is to aim low and start slowly,” added Cody Townsend. “Backcountry skiing is an incredibly rewarding form of skiing, but it can be incredibly dangerous if you are not well prepared.”

With that said, prepare yourself and have some fun out there.

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