Because the pandemic worsens, NPS is uncovered to an rising variety of infections

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In Washington’s National Mall, at least four National Park Service employees tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days as the pandemic hit its highest ever level in the country’s capital.

In Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, officials said they had 28 confirmed cases in the park.

And in California, parks started closing campsites and other facilities again this week in response to restrictions imposed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

As the pandemic worsens, NPS is under increasing pressure to step up its protection for employees as the number of cases increases.

NPS officials refused to disclose the specific number of cases citing employee privacy, but a public health official told the NPS Advisory Board in September that around 150 employees have tested positive since March.

The valet service refused to provide an updated number.

More employees have tested positive this year as most parks stayed open during the pandemic and followed instructions from President Trump and Home Secretary David Bernhardt.

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