Benchmade brings desk knives to the market which can be appropriate for a lodge

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If your best cooking is around a campfire or in a log cabin, the new table knife set may be for you.

There is nothing better than a great knife on the campsite. You want one who holds an edge and can do rough tasks if necessary. But would you consider using a full-size table knife to clean up game or do other tasks around the camp? Well the Benchmade placematthat launched this month could change your mind.

Benchmade table knife set box

This knife set takes its cues from stocky, fixed-bladed knives, and while it’s polished enough for the table, there’s no reason these wouldn’t work well as backcountry companions. And at a high price, you probably won’t want to use these just for cutting steaks at home. Here’s what we know so far.

Table and kitchen knives from well-known blade manufacturers are not exactly new. James Brand just announced one High-end chef’s knife for outdoors last week. But Benchmade is about as central as American knife brands. As Benchmade approached the ubiquitous kitchen knife, it did so with a strong surge.

These are some burly table knives. Benchmade starts with a CPM-154 steel blade with full tenon, which is guided through G-10 handle scales. This steel has above average edge retention and corrosion resistance, but is relatively easy to maintain with an average knife sharpener. In fact, Benchmade even used it in some of these Hunting knife and EDC blades.

Table knife set 5

Handcrafted in Oregon, the blades also feature SelectEdge technology developed by Benchmade. We have checked This unique sharpening and polishing technology can attest to its crazy sharpness.

The Table knife set Contains four knives that are stored in a red birch wood case made by a woodworker H. Arnold wood turning. But all this goodness doesn’t come cheap. The four-knife set and pouch come priced at $ 600. This is a huge hit for what probably functions primarily as a table knife.

In this sense, however, these knives could withstand tough use in camp, where they could bend outside of kitchen use.

Table knife set 2

Most of the time, however, they are high-end blades for those who crave a unique, high quality knife for a camp, lodge, or kitchen. These will stand out from the crowd. And if you find yourself skinning your dinner before cooking it, this knife should do both of these tasks with no problem.

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