Benchmade is launching Slew of Knives for 2021

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With trade shows like Outdoor Retailer and SHOT Show that have been canceled, knife makers are unveiling their upcoming lineups virtually. And Benchmade has a strong line-up for 2021!

We won’t see this in person, Brands are currently releasing many of their 2021 product lines. Benchmade’s annual rollout includes updates to some branded stalwarts and some new knives. These are the highlights for 2021.

New Benchmade knives in 2021

Bugout series expanded

Benchmade Mini Bugout

The Benchmade Bugout is known for its light weight and solid performance. It’s a wonderful knife for hikers. And now the brand is doubling and expanding the line.

First the 533BK-2 Mini Bugout packs the same design in a smaller package. Some may argue that the Mini is better for its intended purpose. It weighs just 1.5 ounces and has a 2.82-inch blade, enough for the light-duty use that most backpackers come across. Get it for $ 160 on January 15th.

Bugout carbon fiber

The other new model in the line is this 535-3 bugoutwhich looks very nice with a carbon fiber handle. It also rocks incredible CPM-S90V steel. These premium materials have a premium price. Expect around $ 300 when it hits February 1st.

Osborne goes mini

Mini Osborne

Benchmade’s Osborne is an icon with many admirers. The brand has offered a few iterations of the Osborne in its 20 years of production, and this one is sure to fit well in many pockets. The Mini Osborne downsizes the classic with a 2.92-inch S30V reverse tanto sheet that weighs just 2 ounces. Get it on April 30th for $ 205.

Benchmade Claymore

Benchade Claymore

A brand new model for 2021, Benchmade built the Claymore with military service in mind. The sleek push-button automatic knife uses CPM-D2 steel for toughness and edge resistance on the 3.6-inch serrated blade. Benchmade claims it has set a new bar for breaking strength, making this folder the toughest folder the brand has ever made.

Adama’s family expanded


Adamas is another family of tactically oriented knives, and Benchmade is bringing several new models to the fore. The already large group expands with the 273 Mini Adamas ($ 250), a lighter version that offers plenty of clout in a 4.6-ounce package.

Benchmade revised the 375-1 Adamas ($ 250) to make it stronger. Made from CPM-CruWear, this blade offers improved corrosion resistance and toughness. Finally, that 2750 Auto Adamas ($ 250) offers tank-like toughness in a car folder.

4170 Auto Fact


This knife is just amazing. Benchmade has reinvented the classic stiletto knife as a modernized EDC tool. And damn it if it’s not nice.

We haven’t seen any of these in person, but this one stands out in photos. The Fact Rocks aluminum handle scale has a carbon fiber inlay, an Auto AXIS mechanism and a black coated S90V super steel blade. Of course, you pay a premium. It hits the market on March 19 at $ 400.

Other new Benchmade knives

Benchmade has launched several other new knives including a $ 550 Gold Class Tengu Pinball machinewhich is pretty but wildly expensive. Two guided hone tools are also being introduced in collaboration with Work Sharp.

So there is a lot coming from the brand in 2021. We hope to bring many of these models to market when they hit the market in the coming months.

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