Bicycles, guitars, carpentry, bikes: the bike owner Colin Strickland is an all-rounder

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There is no doubt that Colin Strickland is a great cyclist. But like most people, there is more to it than meets the eye.

“To go on a world tour at the age of 32 wasn’t my dream.” Cyclists with this statement alone Colin Strickland knows how to captivate an audience. Sure, he won the Unbound Gravel Race (formerly known as Dirty Kanza), competed in the US Elite National Championships, Kieswelten, and more, but as Strickland says, that wasn’t the goal.

In this video, Strickland doesn’t present us with any race day hype or talk about his craziest ride. No, he plays an electric guitar, tinkers with his BMW motorcycle, talks about life in Austin, Texas and why he loves bicycles.

“When Colin Strickland was faced with the decision to take the race to the next level, he chose his own path, as he always has,” teases the film’s description.

Strickland went from road racing to gravel to critical racing (and beyond). And now he’s slowed down (don’t worry, he’s still driving) and just doing what makes him happy. This video is just a glimpse of his character, career and current projects.

Wahoo Fitness’ YouTube series “Frontiers” began in early 2020. Now, in the last week of the year, the fifth and final episode “Frontiers” is here. Vermont Social and Wahoo Fitness produced this short film.

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