Bike Tour from Christmas to New Years: Deal with the ‘Festive 500’ with Rapha

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Seattle in December is wet, cold, and brutal. Nevertheless, 32 drivers have registered to drive a “festive” 500 km.

Eight days, 500 km, Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve: There is no right or wrong way to drive this Festive 500says Rapha. It’s about getting off your bike with friends in the cold and starting an adventure. The cycling brand Rapha has been organizing this cool, wintry and brutal ride since 2010.

And every year a handful of registered drivers take on the additional challenge of driving the 500 km route at once.

“For the past three years, many of these attempts have occurred at one time in Washington State as part of the Rapha Seattle brevet rides,” Rapha wrote. “The first two editions were between Portland and Seattle, but last year’s route took riders to far more remote hinterland on the legendary Olympic Peninsula.”

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This film follows the story of these drivers: 500 km around Olympia, Washington, starting on a cold Christmas night. Are you thinking of participating this year? Check out the Festive 500 2019 for a little last minute inspiration. You will not be disappointed.

Rapha 2020 Festive 500

Good news! You don’t have to live in Seattle to try this challenging ride. Register for the Festive 500 this year he Strava. You can join a team or drive alone. Earn these miles, explore ideas for your festive route, and collect a medal for a digital finisher when it’s over.

What are you waiting for? Inflate those tires, grab your most festive vest, bike lights, and some nog, and cycle through the vacation.

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