Black Lady Hair Ideas for Climbing and Backpacking

Nothing should hold a person back from getting on the trail when they feel ready for their next adventure…. not even your hair.

Leave the conditioner in your hair. This is a game-changer. The morning before a long hike wet your hair and put conditioner in but do not rinse it out. This will help keep your natural curl pattern and keep your hair looking moisturized and fresh even if it is really hot outside.

Protective styling is great anytime but it is a lifesaver on trail. Twists, braids, and cornrows are great for keeping your hair out of your face as well as showing you are proud of your culture. Braids are great because they can last several days. Pack a scrunchy or hair tie if you want to be sure that your longer braids do not get caught in any branches.

Throw on your favorite headwrap to protect your hair. There are so many ways to tie them, and it’s easy to cover your whole head or tie it as a headband. A headwrap is a great item to pack because it has multiple uses, like putting around your neck to avoid sunburn.

Hats are almost always the right move when going hiking. Not only do they help protect you from the sun or keep your head warm, but they can also cover up a ‘bad hair day’ while on trail. Having a hat is always a great thing to fall back on.

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