‘Boardslide Worldwide’ Snowboard Edit gives Energy by the Mouthful

Quiksilver presents ‘Boardslide Worldwide’ with Austen Sweetin.

High foam, fresh traces and lots of powder: In this new Quiksilver movie, a team of snowboarders travel locations from the US to British Columbia to Japan.

The movie shows Austen Sweetin, one of the best off-road drivers in the country. When he was only 25, snowboarder Mag named him one of his top 10 riders. In 2017 he was allowed to participate in the full-length snowboard film “Depth perception. ”

“Boardslide Worldwide” is also the name of Sweetins media company, which produces snowboard films all year round.

The movie is vibrant, frothy, and high on all types of snowboard stoke. It’s the perfect type of movie to get you excited about the snow to come.

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