Boot Buddy Review – A Practical Must For The Outdoor Types!

What is it?

The Boot Buddy £ 21.99

  • Free delivery on orders over £ 25
  • New vibrant colors now available
  • Comes with a branded microfiber cloth
  • Portable and uses less than 300 ml of water
  • Quick and easy cleaning of shoes
  • One year guarantee


The judgment

After one particularly muddy run and several equally muddy walks, a friend wrote about getting a boot buddy and I realized that the ideal thing would be to clean up my boots and sneakers.

I remembered seeing the product on Dragons Den years ago and realized what a clever idea I thought I was and then promptly forgot about it until now.

I ordered mine directly from Boot Buddy website as they have the best range of colors. As soon as mine was delivered (which only took a couple of days) I went straight outside to tackle my hiking boots baked in dried mud.

To clean my boots beforehand, since I don’t have an outside utility room or faucet, I generally rummage around to find my old kitchen sink and brush. I then fill the sink with warm water and dish soap before scrubbing it clean. It’s a messy affair and usually ends up with a dropped boot soaked in soapy water and splash of mud all over the place.

I was curious at the time to see how the Boot Buddy compares, and while it’s essentially just a brush with a water tank, it does an excellent job.

Boot Buddy shoe shine

My only minor problem was that with my joint condition when I got to my second boot, my hand was a bit sore from holding it, and I could have done it if it had been a little smaller for the size of my hands . A slightly smaller version could also make it easier for children to use.

The bristles were firm enough to get the job done, but not so stiff that I felt like they might damage my boots or fancy new running shoes. You can easily adjust the water flow by twisting the brush head and opening it fully to let out more soapy water or to rinse your boots off when you’re done scrubbing.

Boot Buddy shoe shine

We have used it on 2 pairs of walking shoes and 1 pair of running shoes so far and the bristles have kept their shape well. The cleaning process afterwards is a simple case of running it under the tap and you’re done!

The Boot Buddy comes with a microfiber cloth that is ideal for putting on shoes to air dry or protecting the surface on which you want to clean your boots. We made ours outside on the garden table and also gave the garden table and chairs a good scrub afterwards to remove any dirt that had built up over the winter.

Boot Buddy shoe shine

This is a great little device and a must-have for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors, whether they are hiking, running, or just walking the dog. This reminds me that they also make a dog version with softer bristles, great for sloppy paws.

My boots (shown above) were clean and mud free with minimal effort and I’m so glad I finally got one!

The Boot Buddy starts at around £ 18.99 and can be purchased directly from You can also buy it from

DISCLOSURE | The presented product was bought privately.

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