Buy a Discount Gift Card to Save Money this Holiday Season

Some people think that buying a gift card requires little thought and effort – but I am here to tell you why gift cards are an excellent choice for present givers this year, and buying discount gift cards will save you a bunch of money, too!

You will not waste your money: If you buy a present for someone- they may like it- but there is a good chance they may not- meaning your money has not been spent well. With a gift card, you know that you aren’t throwing away your hard-earned pennies on something that has a 50/50 chance of success with the recipient.

It encourages treats all year round: For those who feel a little deflated after Christmas Day because there are no more presents to open- this will give them a little lift at another point in the year when presents don’t come along so freely.

Gift cards are ideal for people you don’t know that well: Perhaps your Secret Santa is someone you’ve rarely spoken to in work or maybe one of your relations is bringing a new partner to Christmas dinner this year. If this is the case- a gift card is a great option if you do not know someone well enough to buy them a specific gift.

Time for contemplation and need: Gift cards have an expiry, but most brands allow a year to spend the credit. This leaves time for the recipient to wait for something they really want or need rather than buying on impulse, so they are more likely to love the item they purchase with the money.

Gift cards encourage experiences: Gift cards are not always for things but experiences too. If you gift someone a restaurant voucher, a cinema voucher or theatre voucher they have to leave the house, choose a film, eatery or play and find a willing participant to go with them to make precious memories- all courtesy of you.

Gift cards are more appropriate to send in the post: If your loved one or friend lives far away and you are unable to see them at Christmastime- a gift card travels well unlike other presents which may get broken or lost on their travels.

Gift cards are ideal for anxious shoppers: If Christmas shopping fills you with fear- because you never know what to buy and have an aversion to crowds, you can easily pick up a gift card while you are doing your weekly shop or even order one online so you don’t have to battle the other festive shoppers.


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