CAKE, Aim Zero Develop stealth bush bikes to fight poaching

Credit: CAKE

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What could be nicer than protecting endangered wild animals from illegal poachers? Do this on a stealthy electric “bush wheel”.

The Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), CAKE Electric Motorcycles and Goal Zero have teamed up to come up with a pretty cool solution to rhinoceros poaching. The team hopes to use “quiet” solar powered electric motorcycles (courtesy of CAKE) to catch rhino poachers in Africa.

In December, CAKE announced its partnership with the wildlife group would “form the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act”. According to the brand, the collaboration “forms the basis for using specially developed CAKE motorcycles to protect endangered species from poaching”.

Goal Zero joined the effort by providing a solar powered charging solution for the bikes that needs to be self-sufficient in a remote bush area.

“It’s a bit unreal how the sun and solar energy, together with the technology of these quiet off-road motorcycles, can help save species from extinction,” said Stefan Ytterborn, CEO of CAKE.

More about the ‘Bush Bike’ mission

How exactly do the CAKE Bush bikes help? Several anti-poaching teams in Africa have tried to use dirt bikes for patrol. However, these motorcycles run on gasoline or diesel.

“Unfortunately, the roaring combustion engines alert poachers from miles away.” explained the SAWC. “The use of CAKE’s electric off-road motorcycles is designed to increase the efficiency of catching poachers by sneaking up on them.”

With a quieter electric motor and solar charging functions, anti-poachers can operate the bikes completely independently of the grid and drive more efficiently across the site with a sustainable energy source.

South African Wildlife CollegePhoto credit: SAWC

The SAWC is a multi-purpose campus near the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The college runs various conservation training programs, deals with natural resource management, and teaches conservation theory to students.

“This partnership to test new technologies for innovative protection solutions is extremely exciting,” said Theresa Sowry of SAWC. “We are very proud to be working with CAKE and Goal Zero.”

CAKE will present the complete African Bush bikes At the end of the month.

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